Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm going to see that in a few hours. Hopefully, it is at least mildly interesting. I heard that some reviewers claimed that it didn't have enough action, to which I can only respond with "duh."


Anonymous said...

As a non comic book reader, I did not get that the movie was supposed to be a deeply ironic comment. It didn't make a lot of effort to convey that to the non-fanboys who haven't read the book (like me).

Naturally, I've been embroiled at Pandagon in a row with another commenter who insists that I must be a complete idiot for not Getting It. It's stretched the thread to 236. Naturally, all the fanboys think I and those on my side are dissing comics by not getting the fact that we weren't supposed to take Rohrschach literally.

Since I suspect you've read the book, I'm curious as to your opinion of it. If you hadn't read the book, would you say that the themes were obvious? I say no.

ginger-talk said...

mmmmm digitally enriched blue penis. I don't care if it's in proportion to the rest of billy crudup's azure-tinged body, he's still been enhanced.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

If your penis is blue, ur doin it rong.

Anonymous said...

Billy Crudup wasn't really "there", as I understand it, it was a Gollum-style motion capture CGI generated thing with a face designed to resemble Crudup.

Anonymous said...

The only movies I pay to see are at the drive-in, and March isn't the season for that.

But it's good?