Monday, December 08, 2008


Why is wallowing a negatively associated verb? Pigs are happy when they wallow. They roll around in mud and leaves and sticks and shit and it's all very good for the pig. They're happy. The bugs can't get at them and the mud keeps them cool in the summer. When they un-wallow, the mud dries and flakes off and is probably great for their skin.

So why do we call it wallowing when a person hides out in their apartment all day? I wish I was so lucky as to be rolling around in some healthy mud. Instead, I'm doing laundry and looking for work.


Jennifer said...

I think wallowing depends on what you're wallowing in. Wallowing is more of a level than a judgment.

Wallow if want to wallow. You choose the medium.

Chuckles said...

This one time, in high school, I got to wallow in spa quality mud and detritus out on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. That lasted for about 12 seconds before I was flinging mud at the other members of expedition. I can be dangerous.