Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hookers and Blow: A Weekend in AG's World

The titles says it all. I need to get some tylenol for my arthritic hip. Some people play rough.


Anonymous said...

AG weekend ruled, except we didn't stay at the Four Seasons: where AGs belong! I am going to talk to Dr. Perfect tonight about the tackling AG (and branding her butt) the other morning. Seriously, I am still sore. Can I borrow your aspirin?

Also, here is the information for Ms. Perfect, AKA, Sarah, I got from Reid this morning:

(Anyone with the iPhone: doesn't Urban Spoon rock?!!!)

(You owe me a date with hot Brother Genius if this works out. No, not you Dando -- you're taken. Sigh.)

BTW, my team loves you! You should totally work at AG's company and go to more fancy schmancy parties like that. Except you'll get to be AG: ordering the $90 bottles of wine that don't impress Doc.

Anonymous said...

I can see a night at Mendocino ending up with a $300 tab in a hurry. Ah, to be able to go out and do that again.

Brother Genius needs some dates. His recent relationships have been virtual relationships with real people on Match or some such.

:) Glad to see I can still break hearts. Not that I broke that many.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

That's what I am saying, Dando! Of course C-dawg was all, "I don't know. He's kind of into being active. And video games."

AG's response: "Um, a lot of GOOD sex can address both of those issues."

It's not like the guy isn't WASP or tall which means it will actually be enjoyable. Unlike...

And $300 bar tab was picked up by AG's company. Or so I am told given how drunk AG was by the time the bill came. Not to mention that she drank dialed two friends on the walk home she does not remember and may or may not have slept in the Lexus suite that night. (The Lexus suite was not her average suite on floor 5!) Along with the $167 for the two bottles of wine, your brother's pig out session on Friday night, Ben's on Saturday, and the bitchfest AG turned Sunday brunch into. (And that brunch was NOT impressive like the $100 one in Tampa or the WHO brunch in Switzerland a few months ago.)

And did FD bother to tell AG there was a Dean and Deluca down the street where we could have had better food and drove drug prices up threefold in one meal setting?


This is why AG is dating is soooo dating Genius Brother #2. (And Dando is mine if he ever gets divorced. M.I.N.E. Genius Brother #4 is somebody else's if he gets divorced because he jockeys too much with Chuckles for angry slacker without a cause!)

Chuckles said...

This is getting out of hand.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Does he always pout like this when he is the brother of indeterminant numbers who the ladies do not want to schtup?!!