Tuesday, July 01, 2008

You Want My SAT and ACT Scores?


This is the first time in at least five years that any employer has asked for those scores. I am no longer certain of my ACT score, except that I remember doing considerably better on that test than on the SAT. I am pretty sure I got a 1210 on the SAT and I think I got a 31 on the ACT. Or maybe a 29? That was...thirteen years ago. Or twelve.

In any event, what the hell is the point of asking for a potential employee's SAT or ACT scores when you require a BS or BA? You are not hiring any high school graduates, so how would tests from at least four years prior, and much education prior, help an employer determine whether you are worth interviewing? GRE or LSAT scores I could see being a very interesting number, but high school scores seem so pointless.


Anonymous said...

Now here is when everyone leaves their scores in comments. I remind that the SAT was renormed sometime in the mid 90s, so those with scores prior to that would have done much better.

I refuse to confirm speculation of Genius crushing.

Anonymous said...

Here's my score: NULL.

I never took SATs.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

First of all, GRE and LSAT scores mean nothing more than SAT or other over priced lame, waste my weekend, tests! They are test that uphold the patriarchy and prove nothing about future academic performance.

Having said that, AG probably has the highest score here for SATs and certainly had the highest for 1/3 of the GRE. (AG scored perfect -- eat it cornwads! That was not for spelling, before you ask.)

Game on, bitchz.

Chuckles said...

I would not be surprised if lots of people did better than I did on the SATs. I made a poor decision in high school when I gave up on doing any more math homework. The math half really brought down my score. As for the ACT, I kinda kicked a lot of ass. The SAT was/is such shit. Get a little less sleep one night, do worse/better than the next day. Anyway, my original point stands: what the fuck sort of influence can SAT/ACT test scores have on the possible employment of someone who took those tests two lifetimes ago? If you want me to take those tests now, that would be different and I had better be able to beat my old scores.

Anonymous said...

I applied for a federal job that required an advance degree, and then also asked for a copy of my high school transcript. The school laughed at me when I called asked where you could find one ten years after you graduate!

Anonymous said...

Chuckles is applying at the Post Office so he has cover for going postal.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

In my industry, all you have to do is show your license and they are hiring. The best is that I have a friend who never graduated u-grad, but she is an oncologist.

La. La.

Worse yet, I worked with someone who could show a copy of his license.

What he didn't show was that it was revoked by the state.

He was fired when it was.

That was after two and a half years and a $500K year salary.

Even more scary, I know someone who had his license revoked and then given back. He hasn't learned a thing and now he is scamming people for money for a charity that does not exist.

New York M.D.s are pretty scary folks!

Chuckles said...

I thought M.D.s were the perfect AG love? If the New York M.D.s are scary, what does that say about AG?

Anonymous said...

I remember when I took the ACT I was really, really bored by the last section (what was that hour 10 or something?) so I just started blowing through it.

Oh well, I got through college so now I never have to think about it again. Unless I start going after Chuckles' jobs.

Brando said...

WTF? Did you have to interview in a letterman jacket? Who asks for test scores outside of colleges and universities?

We were also almost identical. I got a 31 on the ACT and a 1220 on the SAT. The odd thing is I prepared a lot more for the SAT.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

It says what AG has always said: AG does not date NY M.D.s. AG is also not living in NY. Has not since she finished graduate school. Thank you!

AG never took the ACT. Why? AG was already a proven genius. It was not needed for college or her full academic scholarship.

AG's scores were higher than B-units. How high can we go?!!

Chuckles said...

Brando, you know what is even odder than that? I studied like a fiend for the SAT and then almost forgot to even go to the ACT the next weekend.

So I'll just start packing so I can move in. I hope TLB likes bunkbeds.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Chuckles in bunk beds. Now, that is funny!

AG should clarify, she didn't used to date New York Jewish doctors. Now, she pleads the fifth on that topic.

Brando said...

Chuckles, my brother and I had bunk beds when we were growing up! These parallels are getting scary. Tell me, do you find yourself often thinking about boobies?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

OMG, B! You are a father now. Is this the kind of talk you want your child to learn?!!

Or you just still loopy from the IV epidurl they gave you?!

Chuckles said...

All of the Brothers of Indeterminate Number had bunk beds! Dude!

I THINK ABOUT BOOBIES ALL THE TIME! ESPECIALLY AT TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE TIMES! And the more inappropriate, the more I think about them! Like funerals and stuff! HOLY CRAP!