Monday, June 02, 2008

Pop Ren!

Pop Rennaissance left a comment! Perhaps we will see updates to his myspace page and the western delegates of the newly reformed Cookie Democracy will attend a show.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I heart Pop Ren. My life has been falling apart since he left. Now that he's back, we can mend it right up. :)

Anonymous said...

that's right, baby - put yer head on my shoulder.

music updates coming soon. new album 90% done with an IPO show in s.f. this august.

Anonymous said...

cookie jesus indeed.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh Pop. You have no idea! Do you have an e-mail right now? AG needs the love.

As does mdhatter and Chuckles. Neither of them send me love e-mail anymore. They must hate the AG.