Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This Would Have Been Funnier

If I didn't know someone that has tried to screw me over with a similar tactic. He failed, of course, because he neglected to account for my considerable intellect.

Rule Number X*N: Don't use your first attempt at forgery as evidence in a professional environment.


Anonymous said...

For when it absolutely positively had to be there the day before yesterday.

Happy April!

Kathleen said...

You should be super stoked about this Chuckles. Who can wait a whole year?!

Chuckles said...

Good thing I have two editions of Guitar Hero to practice on while waiting for WotLK.

In a more realistic note, I'll be fucked if I am leveling another toon to 70 or 80. I am tired of that fucking shit.

Kathleen said...

I hear ya.