Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Potter Publisher Profiteering Prompts Prickly Proceedings?

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock or reading blogs like Paste Line* knows that the last Harry Potter book hits the streets this Saturday at 12:01 AM. Kids all over the country are probably driving their parents nuts with all the excitement. There are more than a few adults that are pretty psyched about it, too. I just paid for my copy over the phone at Politics and Prose in DC. I had planned on just picking up the book sometime this weekend while I was in Baltimore, but I figured that I would support my local bookseller.

I am just the kind of asshole who refuses to buy music at Starbucks. I have lately become the kind of asshole that refuses to buy books and DVDs in supermarkets. I was flipping through my email when this story flashed in the RSS feeder. That is pretty damn funny. The idea of a price war over Harry Potter book sales gets a little silly when everyone is fighting over a penny a sale. It gets less funny when you realize that the supermarket stands to make far more money selling the book at 1 penny over the stock price while the average indepedent bookstore is forced by the market to sell the books at the same price. Giving Barnes and Noble and Borders the finger, I paid for mine over the phone at Politics and Prose. Cuz I am that kind of asshole.

*Fans of that site may indeed know about Harry Potter, but I got a massive brain cramp after trying to read the post last week about Jack Thompson. I doubt that fans of that cerebral sinkhole can remember their own name after reading more than two posts.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on all the responsible cobaggery. I will buy my copy at Brookline Booksmith, apparently one of the last independent booksellers in the whole wide world. It will cost a little more, but I believe they will also make a donation to a charity of my designation. I will also probably buy the new Spoon CD at the locally owned Newbury Comics record store. And after that, I will go home and completely get off thinking about my awesome self-righteousness.

NotCarrie said...

I'll buy mine at Barnes and Noble where I can get it the easiest and cheapest. Plus, it's better;)

dontEATnachos said...

I actually will stand outside a Barnes and Noble and steal it from a small child to acquire it ...

Wait, no. I have a ton of Amazon.com gift certificates so I just ordered it there.

Unfortunately I actually got it for my GF, and we're going to the Dane County fair the day it comes out and she is while not a slow reader she is not the fastest ever either so I probably won't read it until at least sometime in the middle of next week probably.

I have a feeling that someone is going to ruin the ending for me before then. I also have the feelign that it will either be one of my friends or the internet that does.

Anonymous said...

I am just the kind of asshole who refuses to buy music at Starbucks.

Who the eff does that? Certainly not teh poor or Republican'ts and that shit is for folks like them.

Schmoopies, don't buy it without the WGBH discount at BB.

And we all fucking know you used to buy your shit at HMV on the corner of Newbury and tragic before it closed. Poser!!!

AG buys it from Amazon.com. A store that does not kill green grass in your town and supports us locals here in Delaware. Bite me if you don't like it because I don't care.

dEn, I don't remember us discussing going to the Dane Co. Fair. Stop telling others where we are going.

Brando said...

We've definitely done our part to keep Prairie Lights (the big IC indy bookstore) in business.

Kudos on Paste Line, Chuckles, that made me laugh. I hate those assholes more than any other bloggers.

Chuckles said...

NotCarrie, I am surprised that a woman of your refined tastes would label herself both easy and cheap. For shame. ;)

UC, I bathe in awesome self-righteousness daily. I flew to London to buy my copy of Alright, Still. Can't get more legit than that.

dEn showers in gift cards and the tears of small children daily.

Brando, I never had a moment's doubt.

missyandchrissy said...

bravo on supporting P&P!

its so sad how many independent stores have to close each year because of the behemoth chains. (i say this from experience, not b/c i like the movie "you've got mail")

Chuckles said...

I have never seen that movie and I hope to avoid it for the rest of my life. Maybe I'll watch the French movie it was based on because I am that kind of asshole.

Anonymous said...

I hate the supermarket now. They are huge for no reason. A pharmacy, sure. A bank branch, I suppose. A Dunkin Donuts' or Starbucks, why not.

But I kid you not, there is some sort of Martha Stewart® aisle in one of my local supermarkets, next to a half-aisle of Yankee Candles® and a half aisle of playground equipment. I don't go to the supermarket to buy towels, appliances, or lamps, yet there they are... taking up space IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOOD STORE.

The only positive development of late in the suburban supermarket is the self-check out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that HMV on the corner of Newbury and tragic USED TO BE a Tower Records.

btw, the Newbury Comics online is even wicked cheaper than the stores.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

MdHATTER said "wicked".

Hee. Hee.

NotCarrie said...

CHuckles- Eh, well I guess word on the street is that I'm a bitch anyway so I may as well add some other adjectives:)