Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Know Those People?

You know those people? Those people who do those things? At this point in the paragraph, AG is probably running down the massive fucking list in her head of those people. Anywizzles.

My office has about two square feet of yard that they went and had landscaped and now they have a crew come along twice a month and remove the weeds from the cracks in the pavement. The leader of this crew is one of those people. If you say hi and then ask how's it going in the manner that is requesting a really snappy and quick response, you get a full goddam medical history. Dude, it is the middle of the freaking week of all fucking weeks and I don't want to hear how some stupid cavities you got from eating too many mallomars in junior high school in the frigging 19th century are now acting up because of the state of your damn bleeding gums and the lack of dental hygiene and/or knowledge on behalf of your general practitioner.

Just clam the fuck up and say, "Not too bad, yourself?" and then get the fuck out of my office. I got some work/blogging to do.


fish said...

You see? This is why I hate people.

teh l4m3 said...

Oh, chuckles. How's it going?


Ass moi "How's it goin'?"

Oh feces, moi did.

Well, I say (usually)
"I'm on Groovin' Safari."

That makes everyone smile.

When moi 'tis in a "Real" mood I'll answer
"I'm on Groovin, DNA Jungle, Safari."

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

Chuckles said...

Not too bad. And yourself, teh?

I prefer surfin safaris, tor, but thanks for asking.

atknis: Is word verify saying I am fat?

Anonymous said...

I love people. If I didn't care about them, I just wouldn't ask them how they are doing. Of course, 1/2 of my office I would share anything more than "a not too bad" and a smile.

Anonymous said...

I think Chuckie is gone. Let's leave nasty comments.

Hee. Hee.

Lindsey said...

I HATE that. You never want to talk to them to begin with. You're just trying to be polite. Realistically you just want them to nod their head in acknowledgment.

Anonymous said...

Linny, no no no. It's all about comments like:

Chuckie is tool.
Chuckie is a sexist pig.
Chuckie once made out with Fullie and liked it.
Chuckie is a closeted Republican.

Brando said...

The worst are Those People on a Motherfucking Plane. I always make sure to clamp those headphones on and stick my nose in a book as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie talks about his wang too much.

Chuckles said...







Where the hell have I been?

Anonymous said...

I hate when people drone on and one, too. Like...who cares, man?

I have tricks though. Sometimes I'll act like I have a leg cramp and have to go stretch. Or I'll look directly in their eyes as they're yap, yap, yapping away and I'll start blinking my eyes uncontrollably. Then, I start to act like I'm choking. And I'll apologize and run away.

Once, I grabbed my chest, yelled out, Remember The Titans! and fell down and pretended to be dead.