Thursday, March 02, 2006

Is this stupid or just inane?

From the comments on Atlas Shrugs:

Well, for one thing, it will make the separation of nonevil terrorists (jew killing) from evil terrorists (killing Americans) more difficult for our fence-sitter-in-chief to split hairs between.
They all need a good dose of "death from above" as a permanent cure.
Pres. Bush is not a conservative, but the only people backing him as president are, so we should have some influence in how he responds, and firmly head-in-sand mode isn't supposed to be one of the options.

Posted by: Jhn'1 | Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 01:45 PM

What? How is Bush not conservative? What world am I living in and how can I get to the one where Bush is a good guy? I bet I could get there pretty easily by repeatedly hitting myself in the head with a ten pound sledge.


Smartypants said...

"Is this stupid or just inane?"

I like to say that they are "misguided."

Chuckles said...

Like our missiles.

teh l4m3 said...

Whenever Bush does something fucktastic, other Repubs are quick to say "ooh, but he's not a real conservative." It's kind of a corollary to the "Nae true Scotsman" fallacy, and the inverse of wingnuts who, whenever the Republican establishment does the inevitable (ie, something monumentally idiotic and destructive), are all like "oh, no, but see, I'm an independend/libertarian/whig/whatthehellever -- you can't pigeonhole me, you nasty librul!!!"

Chuckles said...

Aye, matey, them libruls arrrrr so crazy.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

What a sick jerk!

Chuckles said...

I decide when it is talk like a pirate day!

Chuckles said...

PS to Smartypants: I can't thin of any comments about your post of today that don't make me sound like sort of creepy loser.For example:

Who wants beads?

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons conservatives state that Bush is not a conservative, but a Republican, is because he has yet to downsize the current government.

Just say'in.


Chuckles said...

Yeah, but the republicans, who classify themselves as conservative, have dumped that whole loine of thought. Years ago.

This is just a bs way of insulating the rest of the party from the fallout of Bush's collosally complete failure as a leader and President.

AssParrot said...

"Is this stupid or just inane?"

Can I have both, please? And with a dash of "misanthropic" and a pinch of "genocidal" for flavor?

Smartypants said...

Chuckles...that's ok about the comment thing. = )

That picture turned out way hotter than I originally thought it was. Later, I was, like, WOW.

Chuckles said...

I was thinking of titling the post:
"Is this stupid or just stupid?"

but decided against it.