Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yet More Musical Diversion

Friday the 20th, I went out with some peeps from my hood to see some shizzle down at the coffee shop. This coffee shop was in Vienna, VA and is harder to get to than Vienna, Austria. This show would have been so much cooler if it hadn't been all ages. And in Virginia. In case you haven't heard yet, Virginia is the worst state in the Union.* Everything is spread out and crappy. The suburbs do not end and are in no way entertaining or interesting. Traffic is non-stop and the singles scene would give you something horrible.** All ages shows can reliably and cogently labeled as a bad idea.***

Anyway, the peeps and I were there to see some people play instruments in a coordinated fashion. The first group runs under the monniker of Pepper's Ghost. It is guessed that they may be some sort of Beatles cover band. They were ok, but could use a little tuning. They did a pretty good cover of In My Life, but it was not tweaked at all.

The headliners were Washington Social Club. These guys were pretty darn good. I found that I could understand all of the lyrics and they were well written songs. The sound was much more professional than the previous group and they felt like quality musicians that had time to really gel as a group. I would definitely go see them again. I am even likely to go buy their album. May God damn you, fulsome, and take you and all your indie rock cred straight to hell. This is all your fault.

A moment of your time, if you will, for a discussion of all ages shows. The discussion:
Side A: All ages shows suck.
Side B: Yes, but how do they suck?
Side A: They suck because there are children running around in misfits sweatshirts that have never even heard any of them.
Side B: I would argue that all ages shows suck because they make you feel like a dirty old man.
Side A: I must agree but I shall add that all ages shows make me feel like I have snuck into some rival high school's dance.
Side B: Do you have anything further to enter into evidence?
Side A: When kids bump into you, people give you dirty looks if you bump back. Where's my cane?

*In a poll of recent people who write on this blog.
**I have only been on two, ok, three dates in VA and they were only below average. I am not an expert on the social aspects of Virginia.
***Completely true. Damn jailbait, Girls Gone Wild wannabes.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

You hate VA because the old dude at the porno shop you went to for the anal rod asked for your number. Don't be bitter, cupcake.

Chuckles said...

I hate Va because I had to work there and drive all over it. I've been to Prince William county and Fauquier County and everything in between. The only cool parts are old town Arlington(mildly cool) and Old Rag Mountain(very cool). Everything else is deadly suburbia.