Monday, January 23, 2006

Music is Potatoetally Diverting: The Pietasters

I went to the Pietaster's show at the 930 Club on the 7th of January. The second of the three opening acts was terrible. I can't even remember their band name. The bassist had a wireless, so drool all you want Pop Ren, but remember that they still sucked. Anyway, the bassist was pretty athletic and stuff, jumping around and getting all fancy, but he was nothing compared to the guitarist. This guy was all over the place. He even did a somersault while playing. This may be a truly average trick, but it was the first time I'd seen it and I was desperate for some reason not to rip my ears off and stab my eyes with a straw.
The Slackers were up next. These guys are really good ska. They have a sound that is sterotypical ska, but not in the bad way. They have the suits and the talent. Checkout their site and their music if you like that sort of thing. Me, I hate music and never go to shows. Musicians piss me off.
The Pietasters are good. The show was good. They're good all over. After a few songs they played one of my personal favorites, Biblical Sense, which was nice. I was peeved by the 930 Club's decision to list only the Pietasters on their website and then run three opening bands. This delay was unexpected and unappreciated by me and my company. I am not a fan of that establishment because of their ripoff convenience charge scam and tickets dot com can go suck an egg. I had to pay as much in fees as I paid for the tickets. But the music was good. Check this linky dink to make your own decision.


teh l4m3 said...

I've heard of the pietasters.

That is a dirty, dirty name.

Chuckles said...

Their musck is of the quite excellent variety.

fulsome said...

What is Midely?

HomerJay said...

uhh, that is the phase of the moon where, uuhhh, WAH!

*Runs out of room, slams door, sound of squealing tires in the distance*

Pedantic said...

The 'e' is silent, no, wait, there isn't one.

Chuckles said...