Friday, January 06, 2006

Quotes from Morons, Part 1: Jermcool the Stupid

So Jermcool thinks he is the sole arbiter of stupidity. I present evidence that this is quite possibly true.

A recent post of his is titled:
Thursday, January 05, 2006 Continuation of Stupidity

This is a solid admission that he is, in fact, stupid. It does not require analysis as he has stated the situation clearly.

Ah, Chuckles. If anyone cared about your opinion, we'd visit your website. Now go away.
JermCool | Homepage | 12.29.05 - 5:34 am | #

You did visit his website.
Yosef | Homepage | 12.29.05 - 10:07 am | #

These comments are copied from the post: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 A filthy Iran (A Precision Guided Attempt-At-Humor Assignment)

This is further evidence that this man is indeed quite stupid. It is strange that his blog is titled "Abolition of Stupidity." Perhaps it is his own stupidity he is trying to exorcise by expelling it into the internet. As a counter argument, Jermcool could just have the memory of a goldfish. I do not hold to this counter because he is able to assemble paragraphs and that requires some form of mnemonic capacity beyond five seconds.

These next comments were removed by Jermcool from his site. Fearing that this might happen, I copied the interaction before he could delete it. However, you have only my word on this, so I expect some of you might not believe me and to you I say, you are a cobag. Here they are from the previously mentioned post "Continuation of Stupidity":

I am glad to see that you have not ceased your stupidity.

Long may your stupidity reign supreme and may you have many heirs that will continue your stupidity.

This is just too easy. Make me work for it a little.
Chuckles | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 4:24 pm | #

Awww, Chuckles, I know you *think* you're amusing, but're dull! Don't you have something - you know - relevant to say? At all?

Sorry! Silly me. You're a liberal.
JermCool | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 5:02 pm | #

It just occurred to me that my previous comment may be too hard for you to comprehend. Let me try it this way:

Bad Chuckles! No biscuit!
JermCool | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 5:07 pm | #

Also, insulting me is a good way to make sure you don't get read. I don't live in the US. I have no First amendment rights here to defend. Go cry on Helen Clark's shoulder if it makes you feel better.
JermCool | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 5:09 pm | #

Isn't your post entitled "Continuation of Stupidity"? Do you even read the stuff you write?

Come on, man, give yourself some credit! You made three attempts at comebacks and failed! It's fish in a barrel time and you show up to this gunfight with a knife! At least arm yourself with a line that hasn't been used by your buddy SeanS.
Chuckles | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 5:21 pm | #

Apparently, the bearer of stupidity thinks I am dull. I shall now die mortified with the utter shame of it all. Click here to expose yourself to Mr. Stupid Himself.


Anonymous said...

You suck and yer comment blowz!

Chuckles said...

Coming from you, that touches me deeply.

Unknown said...

Jermcool is a GERM I'd like to eradicate. What a toliet dwelling he is.

Chuckles said...

I just love the ever erudite tardo's comment. So eloquent and so profound!

Chuckles said...

As a complete aside, SeanS and jermcool apparently get their posts at the same place. What a couple of maroons. They are now making cobags of each other enough for anyone.

J: Hey SeanS! Let's both post exactly the same thing today so we can be twins!
S: Okay! Just like that time in school when we we twins and so in love!

Anonymous said...

I thought New Zealand-ites were supposed to be cool. You know; sheep farming, no-nuke, Tall Dwarves listening, folks. Home of the kiwi and kakapo. Not silly conservafunny wannabees.

Another illusion shattered.

Chuckles said...

Totally. I was all, "Dude! Lord of the fricking Rings? Hello? You people are supposed to be cool." And he was all, "I'm a giant nancy-boy that can't handle it when people point out that I am, in fact, quite stupid."

The very fact that he took umbrage with me applauding his post called, 'Continuation of the Stupidity', just shows how much of a cobag he truly is.

Unknown said...

He's a chunderwad, we know that! He's friends with Frank and Sean. Come on. They are a few ants short of a Marie Jon asshole picnic.

Too bad Canuk isn't here. I'd love to tell her about how glad I am that the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is coming up. I heart, double heart abortion and hung boys.

Chuckles said...

That is why you heart*double*heart me so much. Does the UC know how outclassed he is?

teh l4m3 said...

AG: Watch that eliminationist rhetoric, lest David Neiwert's newest bete noire include it in her catalog of "look how nasty all the leftists are; they're acting as bad as Republicans!" Cuz you have such a big audience, you know.

Chuckles: I think jermcool is developing a man-crush on you.

Unknown said...

OK, teh! Geesh. Everyone is a critic anymore.


Chuckie, we've discussed. You're NOT hung. Teh, Res, Pinko: they all told me that's not what you boy-toy Fullie says.

UC is my boy. He's Jewish, he's cute and he sweet to me. If you can be Jewish, become a real doctor and be sweet for more than 10 seconds, I will consider it.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, you are right, AG. I would never compromise my asshole/genius cred long enough for you to hump me.

Chuckles said...

You know, Jermcool is such an ungrateful bastard. I have generated so much traffic for his site since I called him out on the stupid thing. He should by wiping my ass for me with his blog. Jermcool is too stupid to understand all the wonders of a tiny amount of recognition I have given him. Granted, 95% of the traffic has been us flaming him, but still hits are hits!

The truly sad thing is that he thinks his site matters. All it is is retred crap from SeanS which, in turn, is just refried from the "cool kid" conservodouches (in a nod to Pinko). The two of them have the longest freaking blogrolls but, like me, only have maybe 4 or 5 regular commenters. I accept that this lunacy of blogging is just an easy way for me and my friends in Cali (and the internet) to joke back and forth without running up our minutes and getting brain cancer.

Unknown said...

Chuckie, you kind of make me sad regarding your unwillingness to not be a hard arse. However, it's your life and I respect your wishes. Just know if you want to get with me, you are going to have to take some un-wise acre classes.

Let's face it, most of the conservodouches are impressed with themselves. They have to be to believe the kind of malarky they believe and spray about. They think what they say matters, even though it doesn't. To support that, they get two or three people who are so down on their luck, they have nothing else besides scrapbooking or Bingo or the like to walk around worshiping them.

My favorite are the females. You know the good family values that dress trampy and got where they are today by riding on the coat tails of others. It's beyond sad. It's abominable.

Pinko Punko said...

Well, once we get Gregor Samsa on the scene down there, we'll see how it goes. We will get some EAT IT BUSH COBAGZ signs outside on itty bitt Incargfaksjdggrejg or wherever the muffin that dude is from.

Unknown said...

We should totally try to get G.S. to press flesh with Jerm and write to tell us about their coffee talk.

teh l4m3 said...

Ooh, bitch, where my vaseline at? AG fixin' to stir up some drama, well she got it.

I ain't never said nothin 'bout chuckles's bait & tackle. No way no how. Leave me out of it.

Oh, and since I'm on the subject, chuckles, re: twinkies v. clams, my insinuation was that a twinkie can refer to a younger, fresher clam, if you know what I mean and I think you do...

Chuckles said...

Oh. Sorry about that. I completely forgot about that whole twinkie thing. I thought you guys were going for an analogy about how you can still eat a 20th century twinkie after the 22nd century has passed.