Thursday, January 26, 2006

Underwear: Evolution

I missed the showing of Dead Ringers last night at the AFI theater because I was wrong about the showtime. The entire night was all thrown off. I made my first mistake by getting the time wrong. My second mistake was walking in 30 MPH winds. It was pretty freaking cold. The third mistake of the night was getting a burrito at Baja Fresh. That was freaking awful. Their burritoes are generally of poorer quality, but I find their sauces and salsas to be more than acceptable, at least in terms of variety of flavors. I ended up with their burrito mexicano and chicken. As I was paying, they said they were out of chicken so I went with the steak option. This was the first warning sign. The second sign that told me to go elsewhere was that they were closing as I ordered. The burrito was scraped together from all the leftovers and was in no way fresh as the name implied. I had ample oppurtunity to cancel the order and follow my gut out the door, but I was stubborn for some cloacular reason and waited. I put some medium pico and salsa verde in two extruded petrolium byproduct containers, received my burrito and chips and forged out into the wind to go get a seat for the movie. Upon my arrival, I found that I was almost an hour late for the start of the movie and felt stupid. So I went around the corner and got a ticket for Underworld: Evolution. I probably should have seen Good Night and Good Luck or The Squid and the Whale, but I am a little politicalled out right now. Besides, I have all of next week to entertain myself before the nuclear apocalypse.

Underworld was ok, I guess. The cargo container sex scene was straight up fan service. The rest of it fit together well, but the beginning seemed to be a prelude to a completely different set of movies compared with the first. This was smoothed over in an acceptable way. Being more than a little colorblind, I found the excessive use of angry eyes contacts to be a little annoying, simply because I couldn't tell if someone's eyes were grey, blue, pink, silver or whatever. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't blatantly clear that it was important to the story. I should totally call the ADA about this violation of my rights. As an aside, apparently iodine is reddish brown. I have always thought it was bright green.


teh l4m3 said...

"I have always thought it was bright green."

Are you for real? That is serious colorblindness. I'm betting you don't drive.

Chuckles said...

I totally drive. The green lights all look whitish to me and the yellow and red look exactly like the colors they are named. The red and yellow lights have a bit more orange in their spectrum than Crayola's Eight Box(CEB).

The CEB is my gold standard for colors. Any box with more colors than the CEB is pretty much worthless. There are whole sections of the 64 Box that look pretty much all the same to me.

Chuckles said...

And any time I run over some granny tranny, I just flash my ADA card and get off scott free.

That is a blatant lie. There is no such thing as a granny tranny.

Unknown said...

That's very interesting Chuckles. Color blindness has some interesting genetics behind it and it intrigues me how no two people experience it the same.

My father is CB and when I was a kid I thought my dad was just being a mean jerk when he'd say the car was green, when it was blue, etc. It just confused me until my parents finally sat me down and explained it.

Chuckles said...

You think you were confused. I was yelled at by teachers for being disobedient and stubborn. It wasn't until I was in second grade that anyone thought to test me. Despite miscoloring consistently and always mismatching the stripes on my socks. No one else in my family is as bad as me. I was talking with some optician about it once and I asked her if women were yellow/blue instead of red/green colorblind and she was surprised to admit that it was extremely rare in women, but that was how it went. If she was wrong, oh well, but if she was right, that is just more proof of how much of a genius I am.

Now the colorblindness is more of a joke than anything else. I think the world is better for me this way. I truly have a different view of the world than everyone else.