Thursday, September 27, 2007

One More Item on the List of Stuff Ruined by the Bush Administration

In addition to AG's birthday, we have item #67104 on the list:

Proposing at dawn in the mountains. What a fucking cobag. Jenna, sweetie, you know he's only dating you so he can try to be an even worse president than your dear old daddykins, right?

In all fairness, how much would it suck to be her? If you are the spawn of the most widely reviled president in American history, dinner conversation has got to be tough if you have any shred of a conscience or soul:
"Soooo, Dad, what did you do at work today?"
"I think Rove, Dick and I figured out a way to grab people off the streets. We'll just call them enemy non-combatants for badmouthing Daddy's decisions."
"Don't you think that is a little unethical or, I dunno, unconstitutional?"
"Not if you want me to sign your permission slips anymore."
"Oh, right."


mdhatter said...

Also ruined by this administration: Girls Gone Wild.

Who can keep up with those two?

Chuckles said...

Paris and Nicole, but they have a little something more, a certain le'ne c'est qua.

Also, the penchant for nudity and sex tapes.

Snag said...

Becoming an even worse president than her dad would show a level of commitment that I would find perversely admirable.

Chuckles said...

And a blatantly Mobutu-esque electoral college.

Shannon Erin said...

He's returning to school to get his MBA. He wants to support the environment and be outdoors. Something doesn't match up here.

Jennb said...

At least she gives credit to Chelsea - you don't see that everyday.

Jennifer said...

"He wants to support the environment"

I think he means he merely wants to actually support the surface of the earth. He doesn't want it to cave in after he strips it clean of every natural resource to be sold for profit.

Kathleen said...

she came off as much, much less vile than I was expecting.

as far as proposing at dawn in the mountains goes: it's not a jumbotron, I'll give it that.

I guess I am overall down on "proposing" in general.

I do think it is cute that Chuckles is bummed that Mr. Jenna ruined it for him. Who knew?

Adorable said...

You remembered my birthday. You totally get a free shtup for that!