Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Giving Up

If I am going to watch this democracy slide into fascism, then I am going to be as informed as I can about it. I will have to sacrifice many hours of leveling my World of Warcraft characters and most of my hair to stress, but I am no longer going to wait for bloggy friends to link the best stories. I am going to read it all, the Howler, Firedoglake, Kos(or whatever), you name it, I'm going there.

I will have to start meditating again to avoid going completely crazy. I will have to work out more to avoid letting my sadness and anger at the Democratic Party's continued compliance ruin my body. I will likely combust sometime around Thanksgiving and be healed by the 24 pound organic, free-range turkey I ordered for the event. If my family is lucky, I'll even cook it. If I am lucky, I will die in a turkey frying incident and not be forced to watch a country I love devolve into a bad science fiction movie state.


billy pilgrim said...

Don't forget to start loud political harangues with friends and loved ones in public places.

It's a hard road. The Revolution starts now.

Chuckles said...

I have to get all the books I want to read that I don't own already, before they get banned. Memorization time!

Snag said...

If you're really looking for effect, I'd recommend loud political harangues with strangers.

Adorable said...

Pumpkin, why are your knickers in a knot?

I am worried about your current mental status. Could you give your favorite AG a bit more back story on this one?

It's like the Internets have gone nuts. First a homophobe posts at 3B! in comments and now this? AG is very busy. Can y'all keep it together for a few more weeks while I fee up some damn time?!

Jenny said...

Just do what I did and run away screaming

porterhouse said...

Read "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein.