Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dinner with Mandos at Dukem, Judgement: Delicious!

And surprisingly affordable! I had a rare cubed beef dish that was plenty spicy! I wonder how many sentences I can end with an exclamation point? Oops.

Mandos swooped into town for a brief visit with folks unknown to discuss topics unknown and we managed to get together for a brief man-date. Coffee at 14 U and Ethiopian food at Dukem. DC may not have any decent Mexican food, but who needs that when you can have two heaping plates of spicy beef and fermented bread? Awesome. We talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly blogging. Lots of politics including the problem of public transportation in America. We even discussed the X-Men briefly. I am not sure why. The X-Men suck these days and Brett Ratner can blow a goat. It was an interesting discussion.

Frankly, I am honestly glad that Mandos did not reveal my fate, doom, or future because while a display of powers is always cool, I would rather not know that I am going to be run over by car while cursing out the bastards who refuse to stop at pedestrian crosswalks. Ooops.

Afterwards, Mandos flew off into the night leaving me rather confused because I could discern no obvious means of propulsion and contrary to Superman, flight is not possible without some form of exhaust. I also thought DC was largely a no fly zone except for the airspace over my apartment. I bet Mandos has clearance but given his odd black coating and strange geometry, he could be making use of available stealth technologies, too.


Mandos said...

I've eaten Ethiopian food in several cities including more than once in DC, and I can honestly say that Dukem is the best place I've found so far. Chuckles had the raw beef gored gored tibbs, and I had the not-raw beef awaze tibbs. They both come with a tomato-jalapeno salad that is also refreshing and spicy and delicious. The best part is eating the sauce-soaked injera at the bottom, of course. I had a taste of his and he mine, and it was a very romantic man-date.

Chuckles said...

How did I stare at that menu item for five minutes and miss the fact that I ordered a raw beef item?

Mandos said...

The waitress asked you if you wanted it raw, and you, you caveman you, said yes. Otherwise, it would have come cooked like mine.

Snag said...

You guys should start a mail-order Ethiopian food business. I'd buy.

Kathleen said...

I love Ethiopian food, but my husband doesn't, so I never ever get to eat it. :(
and there is great Ethiopian in Oakland.

Also, I initially read the post to say "the problem of pubic transportation in America". It was weird.

Adorable said...

Fuck this post.

Did you boys make out or not?! Gawd. Do I have to be everyone's yenta?

Snag, no you wouldn't.

They won't serve moose.

Mandos said...

Of course we will have moose. I'm a Canadian. It is our national dish, after poutine, the glory of which I explained to Chuckles last night.

I don't kiss and tell.

However, I wasn't able to time my trip to the bathroom well enough to be able to witness the much-ballyhooed organ, so that remains a mystery.

And I'm glad that Chuckles liked my high-tech coating.

(PS to AG: I posted about it too.)

Chuckles said...

Holy shit is that what she asked? I couldn't understand her what with her speaking softly in a bustling restaurant. I just said yes because I didn't want to look like a jackass cobag for not being able to hear her.

It was good and I didn't realize until four or five bites in that it was mostly or totally raw. I thought it had been briefly braised or something. Damn.

I might just take to gnawing on cows.

Mandos said...

I didn't realize that they served the gored gored tibbs raw, but it's standard in Ethiopian restaurants to serve kitfo raw. Kitfo is ground beef, but it's not storebought ground beef, of course. It's just like gored gored only ground. Some groups of Arabs eat something like that too.

I've eaten kitfo nearly raw (but not quite) at an Ethiopian restaurant in Canada. If we ever do this again we should order a big shared platter instead of these Western-conceded individual plates.

Clif said...

Dukem is just across the street from my condo. It is the best Ethiopian food in town. And, even worse, sometimes when they are cooking things, this irresistable odor of garlic, peppers and spice wafts from the restaurant and torments you until you submit and have dinner there.

Chuckles said...

Clif, I will go there anytime with you. It was delicious.

Brando said...

I just said yes because I didn't want to look like a jackass cobag for not being able to hear her.

Is that also why you're wearing a puffy shirt?

Chuckles said...


Yes, Brando.