Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Listens to Radio Anymore?

Talk Radio 3WT, 1500 AM and 107.7 FM, will feature a lineup of personalities currently heard on the station: David Burd, Jessica Doyle, "The Tony Kornheiser Show," and Pat Goss - along with established national personalities Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Stephanie Miller, as well as play-by-play sports.

The station's slogan will be "Left, Right, and Whatever We Want," reflecting 3WT's diverse collection of personalities and opinions.

More like "Right, Right, Right, Left and Whatever We Want". Not that I listened to Washington Post Radio, or any other radio station for that matter, but does the world really need more Boortz, O'Lielly or Beck?

I can't receive any stations in my apartment and I would listen to the NPR stream at work but my bosses have asked me to keep the volume so low that I can't understand it. I'd just get enraged anyway.


missy&chrissy said...

as i spent my entire morning trying to book an author on radio shows, this post was especially depressing. or, rather, my job is depressing and this post just reminded me of that fact.

Chuckles said...

Which author?

Shimmy said...

In his recent broadcast on Katrina, Glen Beck threatened to violate Federal Law: U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 44, Section 922 (b) (3).

missy&chrissy said...

oh, i can't reveal stuff like that on the internet.

(boo, hiss me, i know.)

mdhatter said...

You do not want to listen to NPR at work. Beleive me. Midday is crap.

I usually listen to BBC7.

Chuckles said...

m&c, sorry I asked.

mdhatter, I would listen to anything informative as long as I could hear it. Right now, I am stuck with low volume music which is nice enough but not informative.

mdhatter said...

BBC world service rocks your world.

go to, Some guy has organized the schedules and feeds for radio stations from EVERYWHERE.

very flexible page design too. i especially like the option too sort what is on now by 'music/ non-music' and 'type' of show.

Kathleen said...

have any of you tried KCRW on-line? ( Live feed. News feed. Music feed. it roxxors. as it were. mostly only radio I woudl choose to listen to.

also, chuckles, can you work a single ear bud thingy at work? that could solve the problem.

look at me, full of suggestions on a friday afternoon.

mdhatter said...

Kathleen, I am a member of KCRW.. and I live in Mass.

Mostly (and I am serious) because my local NPRs stopped sending coffee mugs out a few years ago, and I really wanted one.

but yeah, that site I mentioned is how I found KCRW. I like it b/c if I miss my weekly dose of 'wait wait.." I can always listen to it later. They also have a big podcast directory.

Chuckles said...

I have been specifically forbidden from wearing headphones or earbuds. I can't even do it on the sly because of the infrastructure under my desk. Besides Res Publica, I have two tower cases, a phone and a wireless hub.