Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time. Space, Distance, Perspective

CNN says that Republican'ts are busy putting distance between Senator Craig and anything remotely associated with them. In the last year, the remaining unindicted or unarrested Republican'ts have had to distance their reputations from so many other Republican'ts that they must be communicating via some strange transwarp, subdimensional series of pneumatic-nano tubes.1 These corrupt jackasses break the Laws of Newtonian and Quantum physics every time they manage to communicate a coherent sentence to those of us in normal space. Any centon now, these post-human LOL dorks realize that they have lost all concept of our reality due to the unending frozen eons after the heat death of the universe that they will begin thawing out RealDolls in an attempt to poll the last remaining things with any contact to actual humans.2

Image taken from Enterprise Ireland.

1 I couldn't find the really great thread about her being so non-partisan that she drinks thousand dollar bottles of centuries-old red wine with frozen chicken ala king TV dinners or whatever.
2 Yeah, that's a dig, eat it hard.


mdhatter said...

Some news for you of Tucker being an asswipe again

There is much anger in this one.

(now to read your post)

Chuckles said...

Maybe he is sick of everyone calling him a giant orange asshat.