Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Basic Problem With Your Assertion

Stupid Kevin McCullough asserts that homosexuality is a choice and therefore deserves no special legislation. His position is that gay people choose to be gay. They are choosing homosexuality over heterosexuality. This lifestyle choice needs no special protection as it is an active choice and not something like being born black which can be helped with welfare. Kevin's stupid world view is horribly, horribly stupid. If stupid had a smell, you could smell him in Australia.

Kevin is stupid because he has ignored the obvious implication of his stupid assertion about gay being a choice. That implication is this: HETEROSEXUALITY MUST ALSO BE A CHOICE, AS HETEROSEXUALS ARE CHOOSING TO NOT BE GAY. Therefore, we heterosexuals deserve no special legislation either because it is a lifestyle choice.

Kevin McCullough, Stupid Musclehead.

This post inspired by A Girl Like Me. Thanks.


Snag said...

I certainly didn't choose heterosexuality when I was fourteen. Much to my regret at the time, it wasn't thrust upon me either.

Chuckles said...

Hee hee.

But seriously folks.

dontEATnachos said...

Well, I think the argument would be that you can choose to practice something other than heterosexuality but the default orientation (which god designed us for) is heterosexuality.

I like to imagine my sexual orientation as a web form created by the almighty web designer. He specified the radio button 'Heterosexuality' be the default selection.

Some may ask you why would god even bother to make a heterosexuality option if there weren't supposed to be other choices. Easy. He was future proofing for when we add a third gender.

mdhatter said...

The author likely claims to "choose" abstinence, as well.

Kathleen said...

the real stupidity is that there are many choices we make that are still protected by law from many types of discrimination.
Hetero marriage to someone of a different race (laws can't prohibit it),
having kids (companies can't discrim against you for it),
going to a public library (can't be barred based on protected classifications),
driving a car (police still need warrants to search your trunk),
giving a speech in public (can't be unreasonably restrained),
voting (can't be punished at your job for doing so)

just to name a few.

Adorable said...

I choose to think Kevin is a cobag. And a closet case.

It's my choice.

Thank you Roe V. Wade, Women's voting rights and the Democrats for ensuring my freedoms. And Chuckles for a place to say it.

billy pilgrim said...

It's always seemed to me that sexuality seems to be more of a sliding scale. Some people have very little attraction toopposite sex, they are strongly homosexual; and vice versa.

As people's tendencies go toward more of the center though, say 40% hetero, you would see more bisexuals, or people who are able to 'decide' to be heterosexual, because their attractions can be more borderline.

I doubt if being homosexual at fourteen would have helped me. Theoretically, being bisexual would have doubled my chances, but since even my heterosexuality was mostly theoretical at that age, twice nothing would have still been nothing.

Kevin's cobaggery and idiocy, however, are pretty much proven.

Snag said...

But seriously, as Chuckles would say, why does it matter? I happen to believe that orientation is primarily genetic, but even if it is a choice, who gives a rat's ass? Why the hell does it matter what consenting adults do in private?

If it's all about biblical notions of "morality" I don't see a groundswell of support for the notion that we should deny civil rights to heterosexual adulterers. I'm looking at you, Newt Gingrich.

Adorable said...

Where is Chuckles this week?

Did he find him a new girlfriend and forget to tell AG she cannot bounce him anymore because he has a steady gig?


Where is the love?

Chuckles said...

I have had "limited or no connectivity" to the tubes this week. Both varities of tubes.

Hay OH!

Shannon Erin said...

"almighty web designer"

I like the way you think, donteatnachos.

Brando said...

He makes it sound like you reach a crossroads where you either turn right onto Vagina Circle or left onto Wang Way.

Chuckles said...

I live at the intersection of both but I'd prefer it if they made Vagina Circle a through-way.

billy pilgrim said...

Next thing you know, we'll be talking about onion rings, play-doh and bacon.