Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Continued Incompetence

I was reminded about this by Kevin Wolf and then followed Blogging New Orleans to this interactive site at the NYTimes.

Look, I can't remember all of my brothers' birthdays, much less my parents', so don't expect me to be Johnny on the Spot about every anniversary of BushCo's fuckups.


Snag said...

That would make a nice desk calendar. Every day of the year would contain a little write-up of the anniversary of some particular fuck-up. God knows there's enough material to keep me in calendars until I die.

Chuckles said...

It could be like the mother I never had. Whining and bitching me out for not remembering shit.

That sounds worse now that I read it. My mother is a wonderful person, so that is why I never had a horrible harridan of a mother wheedling me to remember shit I would rather not.

Not that I would prefer to forget my relatives' birthdays. I'm going to stop typing while I am way behind.