Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Do You Think?

I need to ask those people in the Onion what they think should be on the DC non-state quarter. I voted for the "No Taxation Without Representation" flag but you can vote for Ben's Chili Bowl, Snag. It was a hard decision, as I really could use a chili dog after all the mashed potatoes on crackers and eating my coworker's chocolate chip cookies all day long. I should eat a salad or something but all I have is Five Guys Fries to look forward to tonight, right PP? Robola knows my dilemma, I just keep eating anything you put in arm's reach and my arms are fucking long.

How American is that? Apparently, I know hate every third world country out there because in the last few days I have been eating well more than my fair share of resources.


mdhatter said...

That was the first thing I thought when i met you.

"look at the ARMS on that mutant"

Chuckles said...

You should see me play defense in a game of basketball, mdhatter. They become even more freakishly simian.

mdhatter said...

Is poo flinging a personal foul?

Chuckles said...

Even worse than that is the peeing on your head while I hang from the rim after my patented 360 midair jack and jam.

I jump over your head, hump the ball a few times, spin it on my right middle finger, switch hands beneath my crotch and then pull an overhead dunk, all the time spinning inches over astounded head.