Friday, December 21, 2007


I am almost sad to day that I would buy this game: World of Guitarcraft. In case you haven't heard, Activision acquired Blizzard and is now the frigging Turner Broadcasting Network of the gaming industry, owning three mega-sellers: Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. I can't imagine that Starcraft 2 will be better than Supreme Commander (and based on the screen caps and video I have seen, it has all the problems of Starcraft with the graphics of Warcraft 3) but I would not be surprised if it sold millions of copies.


Kathleen said...

you can create an Orc drummer (whose species agility bonus gives you a higher chance to crit on the drum solo) to duel my Blood Elf bass player (who has native resistance to your charm spell, as well as a special stun chord - with a 3 minute cool down - that also has a 2% chance to break your drumsticks).

It will be so epic.

Chuckles said...

It will indeed be epic, but that bassist must be female for that to work. I must avoid the temptation as I currently do with women in coffee shops.

An undead singer better have a lower jaw, that's my rule.

As for your resistance to my charm spell, the 3Bulls Ombudspersonpants says you have already phailed that check, Kathleen.

fish said...

I would make a joke here, but then I would just feel ashamed.

mdhatter said...

Keep William Shatner away from this.

secret code 'thegok'.