Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Winding Wound Withy Wowza Woolamaru: Thao Nguyen, These United States and Le Loup

I am still feeling the half shot of faQuil I took last night, so life is a little bit more surreal than normal today. Kinda makes Dali look like Hoover but whatever, I find it is best to avoid eye contact with the iguanadons. They'll just send their iguanagumbas after you if you piss them off. The weird thing about iguanagumbas? They only break your thumbs.1

I have been to some mighty2 awesome music shows in the last week but no one seems to care. Check out the fucking posts, cobagz. Of course, today I will get a note from Esteemed High Warlord of the Webbernaughts, dontEATnachos, that our page views at WellRoundedNerds only spike when we discuss Bioshock, computer hardware trouble3, and Where has all the fulsome gone? I have an idea where all the fulsome is. I bet it is hidden in exquisitely hand crafted cabinets.

The upside of this downside is yet to be determined. But since I just remembered where I was going with the previous paragraph, I am going to switch back to that topic. I saw some amazing music on Saturday. I can list the bands here, but I would prefer to review them when I am less inclined to compare them to people in my philosophy classes in college, despite how apt it would be for one of the bands. Maybe I will do it anyway, just for comedy's sake without it being at their expense. It would help if my computer weren't acting like it had just downed half a bottle of faQuil.5

So, the bands. Right. Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down sounded like a much more interesting Ani Difranco. These United States were like the cool dude in Philosophy who could actually pull ladies with his existentialism, while I just failed miserably at the same task. Le Loup was fun and I accidentally insulted one of the three guitarists when she asked if I was here to see them and I said, "No, a friend in San Francisco said I had to go see These United States. Who is Le Loup?" I made it up to her by buying two copies of the CD they were pimping. I also bought two copies of the other two CDs because I like music and I hate saving for the rainy days that seem to happen every fucking month.

Look for a more coherent review on Tuesday.

1 Paleontology joke! EAT IT XKCD! Still love your t-shirts.
2 If you knew how long it took me to spell mighty, you would tell me to go home like my boss just did.
3 Hot, sexy hardware trouble. I'm gonna dual boot your RAM, baby.4
4 The above sentence does not even make sense to the most unlaid computer engineer *COUGH* RES PUBLICA *COUGH*.
5 I hate it when it says, "Word is now recovering your documents" in reference to the document that I spent all last week editing.


Adorable said...

Who cares about the music.

Did you get laid over the weekend?

Snag said...

Hunter S. Thompson lives!

Chuckles said...

I wish.

To both of you.

Adorable said...

Oh Chuckie!

I don't understand how a tall dude like you doesn't get more "snag". AG knows a few things about science and height and that has got to count for something.

You need to wear your vagina t-shirt more.

Chuckles said...

That shirt would not win me any lady friends with my current girth. And by that, I mean my fat gut.