Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today's Targets

Korean BBQ stand at 14th and L
Halal Deli stand at 14th and G
M'Dawg Haute Dog on 18th Street
Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street
The Saloon
Probably somewhere else and then another chili dog.


mdhatter said...

Another heartstopping day in the big city.

Chuckles said...

The Korean BBQ and Halal Deli stand weren't open yesterday. We also skipped M'Dawg in favor of some mild cobagitation.

I think the judges will find our efforts worth the sacrifice.

Snag said...

Assuming I live so long, you'll have to let me know if M'Dawg is worth the trip. I was more impressed than I expected with the half-smokes I tried in September. Chili dogs, well, there's just nothing more to say about them.

Kathleen said...

I take it your throat is feeling better...

Chuckles said...

My throat has been seared clean by the super awesome happy fun destructo burninate spices of the amazingly authentic food at Dukem.

We even ate a red Kitfo which included raw beef. Surprisingly sweet and yummy. It was similar to a beef infused raspberry jelly but not as sweet. YUM.

Snag, I had a chili half-smoke that was heavenly. The outside edges had been seared on the grill and the inside was perfectly cooked. We have some visual evidence to verify the sense memory. Dee-VINE!

Mandos said...

Yes, you did go to Dukem! I am sad that the global police state had caused me to miss that momentous event.