Thursday, October 04, 2007

This Show Looks Awesome But...

Playing tomorrow night at the 930 Club:

Gypsy Eyes Records, ESL Music, The Federal Reserve, Proper Topper and the DC Public Library Foundation Present A Fund Raiser for the DC Public Library System
Featuring performances by Federico Aubele (live) · Child Ballads · Revival · Vandaveer · John Bustine · Rose · Kitty Hawk · These United States · DJs Yellow Fever · ESL Music DJ's Will Griffin & Stone

I lost my fucking check card last night. Somewhere between paying at Safeway for some cleaning supplies and walking across the street to my apartment, I managed to lose the damn thing. It was cracked almost in half and going to expire in 8 months anyway, but fcuk me, how stupid am I? I discovered the loss this morning and went to my local branch and reported it lost. A new one is being overnighted to me, but how fucking dumb am I? I bet it didn't make it all the way back into my wallet after I paid last night. It could have been in my hand when I was walking across the street. The result is the same, I am not going to be able to get my ticket for the show today and may just lose out on going altogether.

Since we are discussing the 930 Club, I would like to take this time to tell them to FUCK OFF for using was going to charge me a total of $8.75 for a $20 ticket. Fuck that shit. The Black Cat uses fucking Ticketmaster but also let's you buy tickets for shows from the box office with no "service fee" or "convenience fee" or other such bullshit. Do us a favor and drop, cobagz.


Adorable said...

Dude, you could have borrowed AG's credit card #.

AG knows where you live.


Chuckles said...

I'll get my new check card in less than an hour so I am not worried about it.