Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3X3 Tagging

Three Favorite Books in Translation:
The Fall by Albert Camus
The Complete Works of Plato

Three Life Defining Condiments:
Green salsa
Expensive mustard

Last Three Meals:
Dinner: Carrots, a banana, a Carnation Instant Drink mix from powder and milk, and water
Lunch: A banana, roast beef and turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, crappy mustard and muenster cheese, a small box of Wheat Thins, a tangerine and two packets of almond Pocky
Croissant and large mocha (Not Starbucks)

Three Albums in Heavy Rotation:
The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian
Johnny Cash: Life at Folsom Prison, Live at San Quentin, American Recordings 3 and The Legend of
Kruder and Dorfmeister: The K&D Sessions

Three Pets:
Helob the Tarantula
Al the Green Iguana
Lizard the Skink Self caught in a Roman ruin in Turkey at age 10.

Three Favorite Flowers:
Phalinopsis I don't even know if these are spelled right, I don't really have favorite flowers unless it is romantically expedient.

Three Favorite Drag Names:
Roger Coreman
Uwe Bollerina
Belinda Carlisle

Three Sexiest Musicians:
Other than Liz Phair, I don't really know any.
Oh, wait! The woman in The Lovemakers is really hot, or maybe that is just the cover art.
There's always Deborah Harry, too.

Three People Who Should Do This:
C.E. Mick (He won't, but whatever.)
Jennny Monkey (I doubt she will either.)


teh l4m3 said...

Not such a fan of Neko Case, huh? She seems to be the go-too girl of the moment for indie straight-boy hairy-palmism...

Chuckles said...

I don't really know what shee looks like. All the pictures I have seen of her are album covers that will never compare to Liz Phair.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'll do this!

I remember Al!

8-) Jenny