Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sources Say: You're Wrong, Genuis

According to a source on the Hill: "You're wrong. I checked with someone who checked with someone working with the Senate Finance Committee[!!!] and they said that the stimulus check will not be taxable. Democrats are better at this then Republicans." [Emphasis mine cuz, wow]

So, my earlier post about this topic was wrong. I received that information from an H&R Block person when I was inquiring about the cost per tax return. I'll be more thorough with my facts in the future and I'll file on my own this year, thanks!

Incidentally and totally unrelated to any stimulus plan that may or may not ever reach my wallet, I dropped a wad on a new home computer and then my old one started working last night. It's a frigging conspiracy, I tell ya! The graphic rendering on the new one is going to melt my face with dual 8500s.


billy pilgrim said...


H&R block, wrong about a tax issue.

Color me surprised.

Chuckles said...

I had no prior experience with them before.

Kathleen said...

I am still in the market for the ultimate ironic spending of my "stimulus check". Since I can't give it to the dems or the ACLU et al., I need something good. And what could I do with $1200 worth of La Raza t-shirts?

Chuckles said...

I think the ultimate ironic use of the check would be paying off back taxes owed.

Can I get a trombone "wah waaaah"?

Any money I get of this nature will be used to pay down my debt on the one credit card I have.

Stephanie said...

I will give you that trombone sound because that may be how I am spending my check. Gotta love it.

billy pilgrim said...

I'm spending it on guns.

How's that for irony!!