Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Frigging True

I can't leave work for one long weekend without everything going to shit. The frigging DSL modem went offline due to a brownout or blackout and the network drive also decided to behave rather naughtily as well. I am not amused. My desk is a mess, I've got reports due in an hour, shit's all fucked, and my hair is just not right today.

I did get to check out that Cal State/Stanford marching band Nintendo thingy and that was cool.

In other news about things that only exist because we allow them to, Faye and Sven totally did it and I called that shit a long time ago. Like six months ago or something.

The Cookie Monster interview on NPR's In Character Blog is worth every glorious second.


Kathleen said...

is it just me, or have they skinnied-up Cookie MOnster?

Jenny said...

I liked the interview, but I have to say I think Elizabeth Blair is the LEAST appropriate person to have interviewed Cookie Monster! It could have been SO much fun and she seemed totally incapable of just running with it. *Sigh*

And yes, I think they have skinnied him up a bit, though it's been a while since I've watched any Sesame Street. I was always a Muppets girl.

8-) Jenny