Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In case anyone cares to learn the President's, sorry, Cobag in Chief's priorities. After all, why argue without the facts? That would just be cobaggy. Perhaps even a little chunderiffic.


teh l4m3 said...

I can't look.

Anonymous said...

Cobag has done so much! I like reading the whole No Child Left Behind thing. I do. I mean he took a Federal Law that requires children to have access to education and took credit for it.

Are Sean and Steve the Ass Pirate, who's NOT gay because he has a WIFE, his campagin managers? They love cut and paste jobs (and stealing credit) as much as blow jobs from each other.*

*AG has no problem with blow jobs. We wouldn't want the phobes to think AG has a sexuality problem. She fully supports their confused sexuality.

Smartypants said...

I liked the "Managing for Results" section.

Chuckles said...

There is also the whole excuse setup, which is used by everyone. The President prosposes the budget and the Houses of Congress amend and return the budget and then they fight about it for a while. I agree that this is supposed to return a budget that is based on multiple inputs, but it seems to mostly be used as an excuse to blame everyone else for whatever went wrong.