Friday, April 07, 2006

Please! It is spelled poseur.

Perhaps I should elaborate. I bought some CDs yesterday. I shouldn't have, but I wanted to feel cool after having a bitch-fest with my functional computer illiterate boss. I bought The Flaming Lips At War with the Mystics(apparently the Lips hate the WNBA team), Hard-Fi Stars of CCTV(concert report coming later today, I swear and verbatim, too!), Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison(can't get enough Cash) and The Life Pursuit by Belle & Sebastian. This equation leaves us with one conclusion. I am a poseur. I am not a poser, because that would leave in some sort of redeemable state. I am a poseur because I have only seen one of these bands live and only bought one album because everyone else keeps talking about them. So remember, hipsters, it is spelled poseur and if you don't say it with a snotty (snooty?) wannabe French accent, it isn't worth saying at all.

As an unrelated aside, even though my boss takes every chance he gets to point out a mistake I may have made and even though most of those mistakes turn out to be misunderstandings on his part due to lengthy and entirely too accurate explanation on my part, he is still in my all time top five bosses. All three of my bosses here are. This leaves one with three conclusions: he isn't that bad, I have had immensely crappier bosses in my life, or I have only had five bosses in my life.


Anonymous said...

My manager points out my mistakes to improve me. I like that. It only hurts when he doesn't it in front of others to make himself look good. Then it doesn't hurt because everyone knows he is actually being a prick at my expense.

Stevie posted about us again. AG finally took action and left him a comment.

Anonymous said...

You have had way more than five bosses. I would like to know what the final tally is. My guess is 25.

By the way, the wife got a job. I am now married to an official baker.


Chuckles said...

ZZ: I think I have had around 30 jobs and multiple bosses at several. The final count will be posted this weekend and should be amazing. When the hell are you all getting transferred to DC? You would love it here and so would the wife.

Smartypants said...

Somehow my boss has managed to win an expensive all-company-paid trip that everyone on the team was eligible to win. Somehow, my boss is the only one going and the rest of my peers (and me) are sitting home. Apparently, 1/2 of the team had a great first six months and the other 1/2 of the team had a great last six months. Put it together and the boss goes but none of us.

I feel really great about this.

fulsome said...

Can I just say I freaked out when I saw the lead post on Pharyngula.

Chuckles said...

Me too.

Oh and Smarty? Rich people and bosses deserve more tax breaks and rewards because they obviously work harder than us schmucks.

If we could all udnerstand that, we wouldn't complain.

teh l4m3 said...

"This leaves one with three conclusions: he isn't that bad, I have had immensely crappier bosses in my life, or I have only had five bosses in my life."

Or that there's something wrong with you. HAHAHAHA EAT IT C0B4G!11!1!!!

PS: there's nothing wrong with buying CDs because they've been hyped by others -- particularly if you know the people doing the hyping and can reasonably be expected to trust their judgement.