Monday, November 12, 2007

This Is Totally Plausible

If I had recently suffered massive blunt trauma to every lobe of my brain, I might believe this conversation. 43 years with a clearance and he "just assumed" information was unclassified? Obama's point about experience not being the sole trait that prevents massive fuckups is constantly reinforced by these clowns.


Kathleen said...

nice excuse from Mr. A.

He looks like he could use some bronzer.

ps. read WWZ. it was great.

mdhatter said...

When ordered to assume a position, men like dick are too glad to make an ass of u and me.

Adorable said...

What a wanker.

Chuckles said...

Kathleen, isn't it just deeevine?

What is it with all the walking dick jokes in the administration? I would like to see a Vagina Johnson or something working for Bush.

mdhatter said...

Better yet, on MASH, Winchester's sister was named Gonorrhea, though it was pronounced very carefully.