Thursday, November 29, 2007

Further Feminist-ish Blogging

From the comments (page 9) of one of the smarter questions in the dumb YouTube Republican debate*:
baneyw (15 hours ago)
Good question. I think a lot of women wonder the same thing.
If you believe abortion is murder, the answer is quite simple. If not, you either don't understand the procedure, or you are not allowing yourself to accept the facts.
If contraception prevents life then abortion destroys it.
Save sex for marriage.

You are confusing sex with procreation, William. I don't think we should save procreation for marriage. Children are fucking hard work, if the few hours I spend with my nephew per month are any indication, and having them should be saved for those who are responsible and ready for this radical lifestyle change. I completely agree with Augusten Burroughs when he wrote in "Magical Thinking" that gay people would make better parents because they have to want to have children and have to make the decision. Children are not something that can happen accidentally to gay couples. Marriage is not some magical, fairy-tale land that instantly secures a person the patience, finances, security and sanity to raise a responsible child.

In any event, the comments on that great question are hilarious, if you like reading lots of ignorant morons' opinions. The ignorance and moronic behavior is not contained by the right wing, either. There are plenty of dumb responses from left wing people.

*Is it really a debate if the candidates just answer questions and try to desperately one up each other? I did not watch this travesty of political theater, only a couple clips. A person can only take so much.

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baneyw said...

I'll admit that I'm completely ignorant to your point of view, if you will be willing to admit that you are ignorant to my view.

Here is mine:

I'm a Christian and believe that life begins at conception. It's not my faith that tells me that though, it's a scientific fact.

Since life begins at conception, and we both know it does, the taking of innocent human life is murder. Again, that's not only my faith, that's the definition of the word.

Any arguments in favor of abortion framed within that premise, cannot possibly be justified.

In order to justify abortion, you have to either change the point at which life begins, or try to take the focus off of that entirely.

God gave you a brain and a conscience. You know what is right and wrong. You either accept the truth or you deny it. I would say, continued denial of simple truth for selfish reasons (career, pride, accomplishment, finances, feminist agenda) is a good definition of a "depraved" mind.

I recommend everyone read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There is real wisdom in those books--whether you believe in God or not. They changed my life.

With Love,