Thursday, June 07, 2007

That Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Last night, I had tickets to the DC Air Guitar Championships. I was, and remain, annoyingly sick and only planned on picking up my tickets from the window and giving them to my friends, but I failed. I stayed for the whole thing and I am a better shredder for it even if I still feel sick.

The show was awesome. There were 24 contestants, ranging in age from 17 to 71. Some were brilliant and some less than excellent. My favorite moment was when this one dude comes out glammed out to the yin-yang and beyond and calls himself Blitzkrieg and the older gentleman standing next to me says, "That's my son!" Blitzkrieg was the fourth or fifth contestant and really knocked shit into the red line. I thought he was better than one of the people who made it into the second round, but the judges didn't.

The top five competitors were Goat-Man Grogan, RT "The Soul Man", 'Ed Banger, Lance "The Shred" Kasten, and Couch Potato. Goat-Man Grogan whipped out crazy atheleticism and worked the axe like a man possesed. The Soul Man had a more subdued style but managed to convincingly rock both the left and the right handed guitars. 'Ed Banger played to the crowd with the power stance, heck he practically played in the crowd! The Shred was furious and played with amazing energy to take the DC title. Couch Potato rocked the alt-country vibe with precision and style. Worthy rockers all.

Special praise must go to the 6'10" 300 pound "Metal Coursing Through His Veins" Vlad D.M. Wailer who thrashed out to the Transformers Movie theme. This beast dwarfed Bjorn Turoque and still managed some impressive hops and really got the crowd going nuts. Sadly, he did not make the top five, but he wins special place just for song choice.

I hope to find some clips on YouTube or the Goog soon, but as yet have struck out.

I can not stress enough how much fun this show is. If there is a regional championship happening in your area, definitely go. Get down off your lonely hipster ledge and laugh at yourself as you cheer for someone that is on stage without any instruments. The Air Guitar Championship schedule is here.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Are you pregnant?

Suzy said...


I was there but had to leave early, stupid work...need to know!

Briana said...

I was at the LA premiere of the AGC documentary last year. There was a rockin' party where Bjorn and Rockness performed afterwards - and there was a lot of free booze.

KC said...

Here's a great/hilarious news story about the championships last night I thought you might like to check out:

I can't believe I missed it!

Anonymous said...

I was there last night as well and recorded this clip of goat man:

I can't believe he didn't win!??!? Goat man kicked so much ass. That third judge was such a wanker.

Pink Is Neat said...

oh my god, i wanted to go SO BAD but i couldn't find anyone to go with me.

thanks for telling me you were going :-P

Dandrobium said...

And your favorite Architecture in Helsinki is in town 9:30 club? I don't know. But its this weekend.
Go. See. Be hipper than I.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, Architecture in Helsinki and The National are playing later this month. I am now broke until next week, so nothing but TV and sandwiches for me.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You better not mention the sandwiches to UC!!!

P.S. You need a raise.

Brando said...

"That's my son!"

Diagnosis: hilarious.

I have to come back later and watch those clips.

Chuckles said...

Brando, I challenge you to an Aireoke Battle in Chicago at Bloggiofest Chicago 2007. Not only do you have to play air guitar, you have to sing as well.