Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mike Rowe Has Always Been Funny

I have seen a few episodes of Dirty Jobs or as some call it the World's Dirtiest, Nastiest Fucking Filthy Jobs or as some small select group may call it, Mike Rowe Will Do Anything For That Dollar.

But these videos show that he has always been a wiseass which I respect.


robola said...

I caught a marathon of his show last year. I like him because he comes across as personable even though he has an attitude. Plus, anyone that verbally fast on their feet can't be half bad.

Have you seen the Derek and Simon videos on SuperDeluxe? You should.

Chuckles said...

I'll check those out. They have been pimping out that site on Adult Swim and I like Adult Swim programming, so I thought maybe I'd go by there.

girl like me said...

That was funny. I like how it was clear what he thought of the stuff he was selling, it's crap.