Friday, June 29, 2007

My Nephew Has Really Grown Up in the Last Month

I am staying with dandrobium and his family for the weekend. For those of you that don't already know, dandrobium is one of my Brothers of Indeterminate Number. His lovely and talented wife, julenopsis, comes home and picks up her fascinatingly intelligent son, GeniusNephew. GeniusNephew has a vocabulary that rivals mine and has some curious opinions about gender roles as they relate to cars and trucks. julenopsis makes some comments about how a friend of hers called her a MILF at some point in the day. julenopsis' mother asks what a MILF is. julenopsis replies that a MILF is a "Mom I'd Like to Fool Around With." At this point, my nehpew decides to say, "MILF!" I giggle. My nephew looks at me and smiles and says, "MILF!" I crack up. julenopsis says, "Honey, don't say MILF!" GeniusNephew says, "MILF!" I lose it completely. GeniusNephew starts saying MILF over and over and I am hell and gone laughing my face off. dandrobium tries to get me to quit laughing by saying that is only encouraging GeniusNephew. I don't care because I can't stop laughing.

I couldn't get my nephew to say "Gender Roles" when he insisted that the biggest truck in the alley behind his house was definitely a man's truck.


Natasha said...

Oh that is just *delightfully* naughty. The asshole gene is dominant in my family, so I am asshole, and yet left handed...

I think you are perfectly entitled to laugh. I also think you will continue to laugh once GeniusNephew figures out that the acronym and explanation don't quite match.

I thoroughly enjoyed that story.

Chuckles said...

He was so chirpy with it. Anyone would have laughed. His mother was laughing a little, too. My brother, not so much.

Apparently, the nephew has picked up "Oh my goddammit" from someone. My brother believes this may have been my father. I might have said it once or twice. I try to avoid saying "crap" around the boy.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You are terrible and probably not going to be welcome back at the dandijuno house if you keep it up!

Chuckles said...

Hey! I didn't teach him either MILF or "oh my goddamit."

It was really funny watching him say gender roles. Then I taught him Istanbul. dandrobium taught him to say Cocopelli because GeniusNephew was asking if the decal in the window was Randall from Monsters Inc.