Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Night on the World of Warcraft

I was minding my own business and checking out some gear on the Auction House on the World of Warcraft when some jackass started yelling some annoying crap. The yell command allows/forces everyone in the vicinity to hear your inane chatter until they use the command ignore on your noobish ass. I was trying to follow the trade channel chat as well as the Auction House because I was hoping someone might be selling something I could use to twink out one of my characters. This was going well, even though I wasn't finding anything I wanted, until the moron decided to start yelling.

Then some other people of moderately low judgement decided to yell back at the noob. All of this takes place in the same window as the trade channel information and makes the text cycle pretty quickly and very hard to follow the items that are being offered for sale. I sent a whisper to the noob who started the whole thing saying, "Hush." The whisper was an attempt to get him/her/it/bird/spider/bonehead to shut up.

The jackass then immediately retorted with a string of insults and seemed to think I was one of the people yelling at him/her for yelling. The conversation did not last much longer and was not polite. From the tone of her/his comments to me, the noob seemed to feel extremely victimized for the insults other had been throwing at him/her. She/He felt that he/she deserved respect for some reason and that I and others were treating him/her unfairly. I checked back all the chat logs and found no reason why anyone should think her/him to be anything but an idiot.

Sometimes, video games are prophetic. This seems to me to be exactly Ann Althouse's problem.


Brando said...


I have to stay away from MMPORPGee-is-that-my-wife-leaving-me games. I struggle enough as it is.

Chuckles said...

I am slowly distancing myself from this game.

I type this after I played for three hours with a RL friend...