Thursday, March 01, 2007

I May Have Inadvertently Started a Blog Fight Between Wonkette and Big Head DC

When I arrived at the party last night, I wanted to thank Rob at Big Head DC for the invitation. Having no idea what he looks like, I figured I would just ask the first two people who looked bored enough and who happened to be standing next to me. They didn't know who Rob was, nor had they heard of the website. We chatted for a bit and I learned some stuff about Rachel Ray. Then I asked the next couple of people that were standing and glancing around awkwardly. Same story. I then figured that the photographers would have to know the host of the party. So I asked this one dude with fancy camera gear and a stylishly mussed hairdo if he knew who Rob was. He didn't and he looked at me like he was kinda surprised that I was talking to him. My count was now five and o. I got a free pink martini type vodka drink that was pretty sweet. It has the "energy drink shit mixed right in" to quote one excited partier. "It's got all those extracts and shit that Red Bull has but it tastes sooo much better than regular Red Bull mixed with vodka." So grabbed one and after having a couple sips, realized that I better not have any more without eating a few plates of food. I then asked a group of two men and one woman if they who Rob was. They didn't and looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. The drinks were good, but not that good. I was not yet drunk enough to fail to notice the stunning assortment of seriously pretty ladies and the fact that I may have been one of five straight men at the party. I like those odds.

I asked the next group of people and one of them turned out to be Rob's wife. She introduced me and I said thanks and we chatted about the Tucker incident. Then Rob had to introduce Musto and thank Jeff Gannon for co-hosting the event. This is the point where the train went off the rails in my head like the proverbial needle on a junkie's turntable. The dude from the nudie pictures that Clif makes fun of? I better finish this drink. Michael Musto read some of Suzanne Somers poetry and then I fell into a conversation with a fascinating AU law student whom I shall likely never see again. Such is the way of things.

Cruising the sites this morning, I found this interesting bit on Wonkette. For the record, I am nobody's minion. Minions are classed as merely levels 1-5, whereas I am clearly an Epic Level Blogger. I am a Freelance Genius, not a damn minion.

This is funny in a sort of WHA? way.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

OK, so Nick the intern is teh lame and all, but who the hell are these other cats?

AG is so lost on this post!

Clif said...

Holy shit. You went to a party co-hosted by scumloaf Jeff Gannon and you didn't take a camera? I could have had so much photoshop fun.

Chuckles said...

I only had my camera phone and that thing sucks. There are photos up on Wonkette with him, Clif. I was a little freaked out by him and everybody I talked to was like, isn't he the creep who...?

Everytime I glanced over at him, I would see him in that picture with the sock on his junk.

Alex said...

LOL Chuckles...I know you went as because Gannon is a TKE brother of yours.

Laconic said...

If these poor innocents only knew of your time dodging ninjas in the congo, they'd have known real fear. Who is rob. WHO IS ROB?!?!?!

Chuckles said...

Oh Holy shit.

Man, now I am looking over my shoulders for the all the damn ninjas. They're persistent and aggressive.

And now I will be wondering who you are, laconic.