Friday, December 12, 2008

Freezing Temps

You know what sucks? The pandemic of hiring freezes in this city. Temp agencies seem to be having a good time, though none of them like me either.

Fucking retail. I fucking hate working retail, but find myself filling out applications at every store I pass anyway. Fuck all the fucking fuckers that fucked us all.


Anonymous said...

As the French say, life is shit get used to it. Retail may suck but income doesn't. Plus there is no responsibility so there is something comforting in that. Good luck, buddy. Things are going to go your way.

Jimmy Olsen said...

man, i interview for a car parking gig last week. i thought, crap job, but a job. they told me either way, i'd know by Thursday of the same week. just phoned - Monday the following week - and was told they're awaiting word from the Operations Manager re. vacancies. a car parking job? ewww