Friday, April 13, 2007

So that's 4,562,941?

The conservatives are wrong again. Abstinence programs are ineffective.

The full report is located here as .pdf, it takes a little while to load.


Lindsey said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Long time no see. :o)

Snag said...

If the full report doesn't include a centerfold, I'm not downloading it. How the hell else is this abstinence stuff going to work?

globalchameleon said...

Shocking (although maybe not, given the current administration) that abstinence programs were allowed to exist in the first place. Given the Christian fundamentalist support behind many, seems like a dangerous blurring of church and state. (And of course they don't work! Willpower and guilt will only go so far in the fight against biology.)

Chuckles said...

I remember Al Franken's statistic in Lies and the Lieing Liars Who Tell Them, from some organization that tracks these things: 60% of the teens that take vows of chastity until marriage break those vows before they are 21 and of the remaining 40% that keep their vows, 90% of those admit to having oral sex before marriage.

Haha. Also, I will have to find and post a link to the studies that showed Uganda's rate of new AIDs infections went up as the US-funded abstinence programs replaced the previous safe-sex programs.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Snag, you are going to burn in hell some day.

AG is going to write a nice letter to her understanding representatives here in Massachusetts about wasting 1 million dollars on 'just say no' programs. Enough with the Nancy Regan-esque BS!