Monday, September 18, 2006

NPR Really Lowers the Bar Sometimes

I was listening to NPR this morning, like I do every morning that I am not watching advance copies of Battlestar Galactica season 2.5, and they had a lovely little piece of fiction about the drop in gas prices. I have searched the site and it isn't posted as a separate story yet, but they have a few others. This one from Sept. 13, for example.

I generally like NPR. On 88.5 WAMU, they play The Big Broadcast on Sunday nights. I also enjoy Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, Car Talk, Fresh Air, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and sometimes even Whaddaya Know? If I had disposable income, I would dispose of some of it in WAMU's direction. However, this piece on gas prices this morning had me fuming.

The piece meandered around talking about how people haven't been getting kicked in the choad by the high price of gas in the last week. Apparently, people are saving so much money at the pump with the forty cent drop that everyone is sleeping on mattresses made of fucking gold. The narrator had the nerve to say that this was going to offest our economic recession due to the failing housing market because people are going to spend this money on other goods. They then askeda gas station cashier how sales were. She said things are fine. People are spending less money on gas but more money on candy and soda. HOORAY! The depression has lifted thanks to the 50 cent candybar!

Not once did the piece mention seasonal drops in gas prices. When discussing the reasons for the drop, the narrator claimed that last week we were all worrying about the housing market, the war on terror, Iraq and all that other stuff, but now we arent' and gas prices are down! He did not specifically state that because we had stopped being such a bunch of nervous nancies gas prices had fallen, but he sure implied it. As long as we don't dwell on how badly the Republican't War Machine (Congress and the Administration) are screwing up, gas prices will fall and salad days will come again!

Great job guys, great fucking job.


Smartypants said...

I turned the channel to sports radio at that point this morning.

Chuckles said...



Actually, that sounds better at this point.

Clif said...

Do not ever give a nickel to any of the craven bastards at either WETA or WAMU. For WAMU, 15% of your money is skimmed off for an American University "management fee." As for WETA, Sharon Rockefeller makes more than any other local broadcast executive. She can afford to pay your contribution for you.

Chuckles said...


I still think they are better than DC101.

umjiz: Word verify is getting gross.

Anonymous said...

After the 2004 election I had to give up on NPR for about 9 months. Couldn't take the spinelessness. Ended up listening to some gay sportscaster. Hearing him talk about balls was a disturbing way to wake up - but it cured my anti-NPR disease.

Oh, one more thing, gas is still $2.999 per gallon so what price drop were they talking about?

missy&chrissy said...

i wish gas was 2.99 a gallon in our parts.

Dandrobium said...


Anyway, 2.299 yesterday morning babieee.

I'm so sad, that I care about that.

Chuckles said...

THe real question here is: What hedge fund did you choose for your 70 cent savings, dandrobium?

Man, you could have bought 70 shares of some penny stock!

almostinfamous said...

if you can't stand the market heat, get out of the capitalist kitchen!

teh l4m3 said...

Wait, what's so gross about jiz?