Friday, September 29, 2006

Notorious W.A.N.G.

Blame me for the lame ass Senatorial Non-filibuster by Democratic Senators. I e-mailed the two Senators from Maryland because a prior girlfriend told me they read those and tabulate the responses. I should have called every single Senator's office and let them have a taste of my wrath.

Mea culpa, the bill is all my fault. MY BAD.

To make a segue like no other, I am also pretty fucking sick of another phenomenom that seems strictly limited to Iraq, Afghanistan and America:


This shit is just fucking killing me. If we examine this situation with the logic of George Fucking Bush, there were no school shootings before there was a Republican't controlled Congress. Therefore, we can lay sole blame for these shootings on the feet of the Republican't party.

This style argument is ridiculously obscene. I am taking the oppurtunity of the shooting in Colorado to make a point about Bush's style of bullshit justification for the horrible mess in Iraq. The school shootings aren't really the fault of Congress and Iraq is Bush's responsibility to clean up. I beat that fucker never cleaned up his own room as a child and we know he sure as shit smells won't clean up Iraq.

Anyway, the point is that the security of our schools suck and so does the funding of that system.

Maybe I'll see you all next week, but don't get your wangs up.


Adorable Girlfreind said...

The fucking banks! See AG's rant today at RoD!

I hate America. I hate what she has become. Most of all, I hate Bush. I want to kill him. I think it's fair for all the people he's killed. First, I can torture him. (And you thought that bill wouldn't come in handy!), then I want to kill him.

I am so getting drunk tonight.

I hope NSA reads this. I hope they come to my house. I hate them too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the new laws you can capture, imprision, torture, and try him in court using secret evidence that he will not be permitted to see or even know about without telling anyone! One day he'll just disappear. Anyone read any Kafka lately?

mdhatter said...

AG, you are so ornery. Don't you ever change.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh MDH, it's the way you like it.

If AG changed, y'all would complain.

Lindsey said...

Ah...Chuckles. I caught you on a ranting day! :o)

Hope you're having a good weekend!

(Linny) B/C apparently people are getting confused since I'm going by my real name now. *sigh*

Brando said...

The school stuff is just bizarre. Always seems to happen in waves.

blue girl said...

I love to come to this blog for all the F-Bombs. They really get me going for the day!

On a much more serious note: The school shootings are soooooo awful. Oh my God. That creep that killed those little girls yesterday? Now see. What would you do if you could get *that* guy in a room alone? Think about it. He tied up *little girls* and then shot them execution style.

Nothing would be too harsh in my opinion. It's too awful to even think about. I feel so sorry for their parents...

Sooooo sad. And awful.