Saturday, June 20, 2009


I finally saw Up yesterday. I went to a 3d showing. The 3d was fun without being oppressive. People may have already told you about it, but I thought I was ready for the opening montage. I wasn't. One of the reviewers on CHUD described the montage as the most brilliant 20 minutes of cinema so far this century, so my expectations were pretty skewed, but goddam if I wasn't crying at the end of it.

It's hard to review a movie from a studio like Pixar without thinking about it in the context of all their previous offerings. If Cars was the Star Trek 5, Ratatouillie the Search for Spock (or even The Voyage Home), and Toy Story 2 (or The Incredibles) the Undiscovered Country, then Up is the Wrath of Khan. I think it will hold out against the future offerings simply because it all fits together so well. Nothing felt forced, nor was too much said. None of the characters was without humanity, and all were empathetic in some way, even the villain. I recommend this movie to anyone.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I saw the 3D version the other night. I am still bothered by the whole miscarriage/infertile thing.

I also saw The Hangover. I hate America hard for that one.

Chuckles said...

I lost control and was crying at that part, AG.

I enjoyed The Hangover, but understand your position as well.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I cried when Ellie died. I couldn't stand knowing they didn't make it to the falls together. This was for kids?!

Ugh. No thanks!

My Hangover story has a lot to do with what happened with the audience. To that end, Regal got the AG wrath e-mail.

Mandos said...

When I saw it, I was going through my own drama of realizing that there are things in life that I want that seem like they *should* be attainable but really are probably not. And I had been told by other people that maybe I should wait until I'm old and retired for them. More than one thing important to me.

This was very hard for me to take at the time, and so I decided to go and see a movie to de-stress. So, naturally, I chose Up. Cartoon, looked good.

And it started with that opening. It was riveting and beautiful, but it wasn't the right way to de-stress from disappointment. Especially not with that beginning.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, but the ending was soft. I have been making Ellie Badges out of cool looking beer bottle tops for the coworkers who saw this with me.