Thursday, July 26, 2007

Admit Defeat Before You Embarass Yourself

The Pretentious Bastard is engaged in a geek off with Shannon of See Glass Run. She just poked the bear.

If we are just listing our creds on our sleeves, mine would be forty fucking feet long, toots.

I spent my birthday at a screening of The Thing From Another World. +1 Geek.
The screening was outside. -1 Geek.
I am serially single. +0 Geek.
I ask a woman out at least once a month. -2 Geek.
I read webcomics. +1 Geek.
I read more than 10 webcomics. +1 Geek.
I spread the love of said comics to others. +1 Geek.
I have more than 2 game systems. +1 Geek.
I have more than 3 games per system. +1 Geek.
I have downloaded emulators to play games that are more than 10 years old. +3 Geek.
I have spread an MMORPG to another. +1 Geek.
I own and play pen and paper RPGs. +1 Geek.
I own more than 2 pen and paper RPGs. +1 Geek.
I have bought RPG sourcebooks knowing that I will never play the game. +2 Geek.
I am currently the Dungeon Master of one campaign and participating in one other. +2 Geek.
I can fix my own computer. +1 Geek.
Most of the time. -1 Geek.
I get into wild debates regarding the minutiae of movie adaptations of my favorite childhood TV shows, comic books and video games. +1 Geek.
With myself. +2 Geek.
I relax by baking noobcakes in PVP combat. +2 Geek.
I read stacks of science fiction novels. +1 Geek.
I hacked my phone to unlock hidden capabilities. +2 Geek.
I communicate almost exclusively through email. +0 Geek.
My last date came from the internet. +1 Geek.
We met through blogging. +2 Geek.
I have a system for taking notes. +1 Geek.
I am a music snob. +1 Geek.

With a score of 26 I could go on, but you are already standing in a smoking crater, Shannon. Don't make me pull back and nuke your blog from orbit, even if it is the only way to be sure.


Shannon Erin said...

I can admit defeat. And I do. Just please don't call me toots again.

This list is awesome. I think the Dungeon Master thing should earn you more than 2 geek points though. What sorta hidden capabilities did you unlock in your phone?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Dude, you write for a blog called "WRN". Enough said.

Pretentious Bastard said...

The problem with the Genius' post, in addition to "roots," is the standards by which he judges what is, and what is not, geek. Everything he has listed is steeptypical GUY geek. By those outdated standards, yeah, I win hands down. But the definition has changed. Therefore,we need to approach this with a more open mind.

Pretentious Bastard said...

...yeah, that was supposed to be "toots."

Alison said...

I don't think girl geeks are that different from guy geeks, I just think Marty can't spell...

Kathleen said...

I agree with PB. Chuckles just listed stuff he does, and then gave himself a bunch of points.

although I do think hacking your own phone should be worth more than 2.

Horchata said...

you are a vicarious music snob... +1 Geek
through ryan and myself... +2 Geek(s)

Chuckles said...

Any geek off is going to be highly subjective/ Since I was going to win anyway, I figured I would give you a system by which to understand that win.

teh l4m3 said...

Yeah? Well I challenge Chuckles to a whore-off.