Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Other People's Opinions

These sites are opinions I respect and with whom I generally agree. If you are visiting from an monitored internet connection due to employment or the NSA thinks you are a potential terrorist, I would not click any of these links as they are extremely likely to contain colorful language.

This guy knows a lot about sex and people. And what he doesn't know he looks up.

These people are the only good, solid movie reviewers I have ever read.

This guy is funny. He is also published in the semi-crappy monthly magazine, Rolling Stone.

And the list ends here. This leaves everyone with a few conclusions. Either I don't respect a whole lot of people, or I haven't been to many sites, or I haven't met many people. I'll just let you decide.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Has the whole world gone mad? Chuckie, do you want to run away with me to Tonga or something where we can run naked on the beach all day long and get away from this kind of stuff?

2006 has got to be better than this madness.

Chuckles said...

I'll run naked on a beach anywhere but I doubt hta 2006 will be any better. Except for the whole girl thing. That will be much better. I have you for a Non-Secret Blog Lover and I may, or may not, have someone else for a Non-Secret Non-Blog Lover.

It all depends on the next round of auditions and call backs.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Is this the girl you went out with a while back? Just hook up or move on. My goodness. Why are men so fickle.

Chuckles said...

Maybe some of us are just looking for a deep and meaningful connection, someone to share our feelings with or just plain cuddle...

I can't even lie well about it.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Did you steal that line from Adam Sandler in Wedding Singer?

You just want to shtup and move on. Admit it. You're pond scum like all the rest. Plus, I had a woman for you, who is considering DC for her PhD studies and you weren't having it. So, I am over helping you. You're going to have to get laid on your own. (Sorry Mom, but I am Jewish and it's not sinful to us. Especially if he's hot and you're in love).

Chuckles said...

Well, I am hot but I'm not in love yet.

If there is someone outside of the blogosphere, she ain't talking and neither am I.

If you do have a friend moving to town, I have other friends and am a good person to now in this town. I do know what's what and who's who and that's a fact, Jack.