Monday, July 21, 2008

The Celebration Schedule

Why have a birthday party when you can have a week long series of events in your honor?

Monday night - Fort Reno with Pup Tent, North of Canada, and RaRa Rasputin.
Tuesday night - Iota with The Moderate, Brandon Butler, and The Wax Standard.
Wednesday night- Class with Our Instructor and Adobe Creative Suite 3. I will probably play Guitar Hero until my arms cramp after class.
Thursday night - Fort Reno with Statehood, Imperial China, and Tsarina. (What's with all the commies this week? It's like a tribute to my childhood!)
Friday night - Guitar Hero and libations at Le Maison du Smartass.

If you can't make it to these events, I expect epic gifts in the mail. If you don't know my mailing address, just guess. Someone will end up happy.

In yet another public calling out, I have found three bands that have been around for a while that fulsome would probably like, if he weren't married to his job and his cable television:
Death By Sexy (don't judge a band by their goofy name)
Screen Vinyl Image (kim k. even kinda looks like fulsomegirl, too)
The Apes (Although I am not sure about vouching for a band that doesn't have a guitar, given my predilection for air guitar and guitar hero)


mdh said...

This is for you: Watch and enjoy

seriously. watch it.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Happy Birthday, early!

Kathleen said...

sounds awesome!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday whenever it is, Chuckles.

I've thought of you lately as I'm plucking buckthorns, in various stages of development, from the ground.

Chuckles said...

Buckthorn are like children. Snip them early and they won't spread all over your property.


Jenny said...

I've had a birthday card ready and waiting to send for weeks, but someone didn't respond to my e-mail request for a mailing address. Apparently I'm not to be trusted.

8-) Jenny

p.s., I finally found me a job. Wheeeeeee!!!!

Chuckles said...

I have not received any email from you that I know of.

Jenny said...

Oh, great! What's worse, being ignored or not making it through your spam blocker! :P

I resent it to a couple of your addresses. Hope you're having a great week!

8-) Jenny