Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Christians and The Pagans*

I'm riding the bus to work, and enjoying the myriad wonders of the 21st Century. Drinking a Panamanian organic coffee, listening to Bitter : Sweet on my little 512 mb Sansa Mp3 player, blogging from my frigging phone/camera/PDA/Mp3 player/game machine, and riding in a hybrid bus. The future is here people, even though we've got a long road to giving me a jetpack, and the future isn't as bad as it could have been.**

The past is also still going pretty strong, too. The bus driver is extolling the virtues of his Baptist church to a willing passenger, while the old man to my left is describing the Resurection of Jesus the Christ to his daughter/granddaughter. "It was really quite amazing." I'll resist the urge to shout, "Samhain!" as I disembark.

Maybe the future is a little more mature than we thought.

* Easily my favorite Dar Williams song. Sorry, Iowa.
** Insert Zombacolypse/Judgement Day/Emmericholypse/Apocevlin scenario here.


Anonymous said...

Samhain was an excellent band.

-George Knowles, D.C. area blog enthusiast.

Chuckles said...

Don't try and hide behind aliases, Sadi Fanza! I know your IP now, and will soon make a trip to an Istanbul-, or possibly Izmir-, area McDonald's to demand a chocolate milkshake!

Anonymous said...

I recommend one of our Istanbul locations. The Izmir locations are...well, let's just say that you should get all of your shots before coming to visit. I eagerly await your reply.

-Sadi Fanza, Regional Manager, McDonalds Turkey

Chuckles said...

I kinda want to start a band called Sadi Fanza now. We wouldn't have to have all our songs be internet-based, but I would definitely want to play the sousaphone. Whatever the hell that is.

Could we use your name, good sir?

Anonymous said...

Sadi Fansa and the Coffee-Flavored Shakes. Of course, all of our material would then become property of McDonalds Corp., but that's fine, imagine the distribution we could get! Consider it done, my new American friend! On to the first order of business: Stage costumes. I'm thinking matching "Members Only" jackets. Thoughts?

--Sadi Fanza, Regional Manager, McDonalds Turkey

Chuckles said...

Excellent idea! I can see it now, yellow jackets with red piping! I even have some ideas for band haircuts, a little bit pompadour, a little bit wave. Nice.