Thursday, May 08, 2008

It Works, So I'm Stealing It

How about Ask A Genius? I'm also kind of a bastard, ask most women in DC. Besides, I could use some inspiration.


Brando said...

Dear Genius,

My news show got canceled on MSNBC because my shrillness and Oompa Loompa coloring put people off. Do I have any other cable possibilities?

None of Your Goddamned Business, Maryland

Anonymous said...

Dear Genius

I need to find a balance between work, nerd life (wow and gaming), Sleep, hitting the town AND spending time with my cool Rock and Roll Girlfriend. How can I do this?!


Busy Bastard

porterhouse said...

Dear Genius,
Is the effort to control global climate change already lost? Should I even bother trying to curb my carbon emissions if the 2 billion Indians and Chinese are not going to?

Fed up with carbon footprint calculators

Ginger Talk said...

Dear (supposed) Genius,

Why does Market Street (San Francisco) turn into a dumping ground for the world's inept tourists every Friday around 4 pm? Could you estimate my jail time if I, hypothetically of course, unloaded an uzi into the crowd of people all waiting for the cable cars?


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Dear Genius,

How big is your wang?



Anonymous said...

Dear Genius

Where the hell is my answer?

Chuckles said...

Like the blog that inspired this post, I will answer your questions sometime next month.

Or later today, and it will be funny.

Anonymous said...

Muthafucka please

I've answered the questions rather regularly!