Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cop Week! Yay!

There are at least 35,000 tourists in DC until next Monday. 35,000 of these tourists are police officers, or lieutenants, or detectives, their rank is rather irrelevant compared to the majority's behavior. They walk into your bar like they own the place, act like jackasses, drink Miller Lite in a bottle, and tip like college students. I need to get a day job.


Shannon Erin said...

I agree with the Miller Lite thing, but in Chicago, cops are generally great tippers.

See you next week!

Chuckles said...

I made some gimlets and poured some Guinness for a couple of Chicago cops, and they left a fair tip in the presenter, and gave me a 30% tip in hand for the Cook County Public Defender's Special.

The CCPDS is a vodka gimlet, whichever vodka you like with ice and a lime rind twist or two dropped in. Someone's father taught me that. Someone close to you, Toots.