Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Someone's in the Kitchen with the Genius

Here's what I made to eat a couple weeks ago and forgot to blog until now:
-4 slices of roast turkey (Oscar Meyer low fat style)
-Remains of a bag of peas and carrots
-five eggs
-can of tomatos with green chili and celery
-sharp cheddar cheese
-potatos from November
-various spices
Sautee turkey and peas and carrots in butter and whatever spices you want. Spice eggs how you want, whisk eggs. Once the turkey and peas are browned enough for you taste, toss in can of tomatos and etc. Let it simmer for a while, then toss in eggs and mix. Throw cubes of cheese on because you are out of bread and fuck it, you could use the fat for energy.

In another pan, stir fry cubed potatos with spices and butter. Then lower the heat and cover. Use as base for other pan's contents, and also because those fucking potatos have been in your fridge since Q4 2008. Maybe get rid of the ugly ones and the ones gone too soft even for your broke ass sensibilities? Maybe.

Toss the potatos on your plate and then pile on the other crap, realizing that the potatos and butter are the best part of your meal. Receive an understanding from the universe about peas, and the frying thereof. Gain sudden insight into why you've never heard of a recipe that calls for fried peas. That oatmeal and potato diet you've read about seems pretty damn good while you chomp away on your balogna pie.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Buck up chuckles. Things have looked up, just a bit, for me recently and I would send you as much luck as I can spare....

Keep on writing and planning on that WI trip....

Capcha word is ovedaves. Which I prefer to read as OverDaves, which is like David Lee Roth on speed.

Mandos said...

There are decent ways to fry/sautée peas. Consult your local South Asian mother, if any exist locally.

Chuckles said...

Not snow peas. Regular boring peas.

Jennifer said...

Ok... I'm the queen of making what you have into something spectacular, but... gack.

Will you be in the WI area in mid August?? Hmmmm??

hmm, my verification word is "ableglom"... funny, considering one of the last turns to our place is "Abel's Corners" and I do believe, they sell... glom!!!

Mandos said...

I am talking exactly about regular boring peas, not snow peas. Indian cooking does not know what "snow" (wossat?) peas are. The recipe involves onions and mustard seed. I've never made it myself not being a peas fan in general, but I have seen it at many a dinner table. The same recipe works for green beans and for the tiny little dried shrimp you get in packets at Asian mackets.

ginger-talk said...

time to teach you a west coast version.

Chuckles said...

Mandos, e-mail me your doom for peas. I garauntee a post and attempt.