Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Did I Miss It?


I pranked my boss yesterday. Well, when I say pranked, I really mean that I learned that I had fucked another assignment into the dustbin of failure. This one is entirely my fault and doesn't help my track record. I remember when I was reliable. What the shit happened to me?

Well, anyway, this shit is hilarious. BEARS!* THE BUKKIT HAZ BEN FOWND!

For those who can't tell, and I was one of them at first, the 'lolling' going on in that thread, and perhaps others, may have been part of an April Fool's joke by Blizzard.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I think that you and I would be more cut out for physical work than office work. What I've learned so far is that offices are for people who did well in school and were over achievers, which neither of us have never been. So let me get to the point, do you wanna quit our lame office jobs and go fight wildfires in California this summer and fall?
-your little brother

Kathleen said...

I think there is only one thing to say:


Chuckles said...

To everything.

Quit my job and get a job fighting wildfires in California? Hmmm...sounds but tempting, but I would rather let it burn. At the moment. I might be fired at any minute so ask me when that happens.

Kathleen said...

tempus fugit, and all that.


Anonymous said...

My whole thing about working in an office is, it seems people who work in office tend to have low-intensity cabin fever. I mean, we're cramped inside all day and stuck with people we would never to choose to spend our time with and it makes us just a little crazy. just a little.
Everyone seems to be trying to prove who is smarter than who, too, which I freaking don't care about.

mdhatter said...

The bad other thing about offices is fluorescent lighting. I find it reflects poorly on your own (and others) neuroses.

Also, you're spot on about the 'did well in school / overachiever' bit. My jobs have always put me 50% in the office, 50% not. I'm too adaptable to want to stay in an office all week, there's too little variation there. When I'm out I work around some serious equipment.

Some of the happiest people I've known operate heavy excavators.

Snag said...

Some of the happiest people I know work in offices and collect handguns.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh noes. Not another Chuckles brother. This is becoming a family affair.

We all make mistakes. We totally do. If they don't see that, then they need to rethink their MBAs.

Brando said...

Some of the happiest people I know work in offices and collect handguns.

And clean them during their performance reviews.

Porterhouse said...